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Indonesia is a tropical country that has so many areas of tropical forest flora and fauna. To know the flora and fauna are then built in urban zoos. However, so if you want pristine atmosphere then you can do exploration in national parks.

Ragunan Zoo

Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta
Ragunan Zoo, Jakarta (Source :

Ragunan Zoo located in Pasar Minggu, Jakarta. Founded in 1864 in area Cikini and moved to its present location in 1966. The zoo has collection about 295 species and 4,040 specimens.

In 2002, The Schmutzer Primate Centre was opened within the Ragunan Zoo. This institution privately funded and managed separately. An orangutans enclosure with thick dark glass so the visitors can see the orangutans while being invisible to them, was built by this institution. It is designed as natural environment as possible.

Ragunan was closed for about three weeks since 19 September 2005 because of some of bird collection are infected by avian influenza. The zoo reopened on 11 October 2005.

Taman Safari Indonesia

Elephants, Safari Park - Cisarua
Elephants, Safari Park – Cisarua (Source :

Taman Safari Indonesia or Indonesia Safari Park, simply Taman Safari is a safari park in Cisarua, West Java, Indonesia. It is founded in 1980 and located in highland between Jakarta and Bandung,  about 60 kilometres from Jakarta and about 80 kilometres from Bandung.

Safari Park has a collection of animals from almost all over the world and also the local wildlife, such as Komodo, Bison, Black Bear Honey, White Tiger, Elephant, Anoa and so forth. One of its most popular exhibits is the Asian leopard exhibit.

Taman Safari Indonesia also has facilities such as safari bus, artificial lakes, water bikes, canoes, wave pool with slides, a mini train, garden birds, baby zoo, Ferris wheel, elephant riding, horse riding, comedy circles, circus performances, gocart area, children’s play ground, traditional art and magic on stage Ruyung Hall.

Gembira Loka Zoo

Gembira Loka Zoo
Gembira Loka Zoo (Source :

Gembira Loka Zoo is a zoo located in Yogyakarta at Gajah Wong river basins. Loka means a place, glad and happy. Founded about nearly half a century ago by King of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. The King wanted that his wildlife animal collection became a public garden animals.

Gembira Loka was established on an area of 20 ha which half of the protected forest. The zoo has more than 100 species of wildlife including 61 species of flora. There is a small lake in Gembira Loka. Visitors can exult with ease using a boat provided in the lake. In addition, they can enjoy various types of trees around the botanical garden.

Surabaya Zoo

Surabaya Zoo
Surabaya Zoo (Source :

Surabaya Zoo (Kebun Binatang Surabaya) is one of the popular zoo in Indonesia. Surabaya Zoo was a most complete zoo in Southeast Asia which there are more than 351 different species of animals that consists of more than 2806 animals. The collections  include Indonesia and the world’s endangered species of mammals, aves, reptiles, and pisces.

First established by decree of Governor General of the Netherlands on August 31, 1916 No. 40, with the name “Soerabaiasche Planten Dierentuin-en” (Botanical Gardens and Zoo Surabaya). And from year to year, Surabaya zoo changed its function, not only for recreational function but now also for protection and preservation, education and research.

National Park in indonesia

National Park is defined as a nature conservation area which has a native ecosystem, managed by the zoning system is utilized for the purpose of research, science, education, support aquaculture, tourism, and recreation. There are about 50 national park in Indonesia. Here is some of the national park in Indonesia :

It takes special permission from forest department to be able to explore the national park.

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