Wonosari Agro Tourism, The Wonderful Tea Plantation

Wonosari Agro Tourism (or Wonosari Tea Garden) is located on the slopes of Mount Arjuna, Malang district, East Java. This plantation is located at an altitude between the elevation of 950-1250 with temperatures between 19°C – 26°C.

Wonosari Agro Tourism is managed by the state-owned company (PT Perkebunan) that has moved in the field of coffee, cocoa, rubber, tea, and horticulture. Agro Wonosari Tea Garden is one of a comfortable place to visit because of the mild climate conditions and the natural beauty panorama. Wonosari Agro Tourism is suitable for families, especially on weekends. Tourists who visit the tea plantation tourism can enjoy some of this attraction, recreation, sports, and activities to draw knowledge.

The Wonosari tea plantation
The Wonosari tea plantation (Source : indonesia-tourism.com)

Moreover, the visitors can also enjoy the natural charm of tea, breathe fresh air while walking or running, see the activity of the tea-picker, and how to draw knowledge about tea cultivation until it ready to be consumed.

The entrance fee in days (Monday-Saturday) is about Rp 5,000 per person, while on holidays (Sunday and national holidays etc.) the visitor will be required to pay Rp 6,000. There are some additional accommodation and facilities that invites the visitors and children to come, such as play ground, Mini Train ride, and Mini Golf. In this location, there is also available a swimming pool, self-service shops, stalls and telephone, outbound, sport horse, bicycle track, soccer field, volleyball, and tennis.

Wonosari Agro Tourism
Wonosari Agro Tourism (Source : vebma.com)

For those who want to stay, there are home stays available. It is affordable between Rp 100,000 – Rp 300,000 per night, depends on the complement of the facilities provided, such as air conditioner and hot water shower. If you want to camp, a visitor can use the camping ground which also provided by the developer of this plantation.

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