West Papua Diving Sites

Papua island is a hot and humid island. Rising from the sea with the most impenetrable jungles in the world and also has snowcaps covering 5,000 meters – Jayawijaya Mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes. Western side of the island is a part of Indonesia and the eastern side is an independent country, Papua New Guinea.

Papua is a land of exceptional natural grandeur, with beautiful scenic beaches, immense stretches of marshlands, cool grassy meadows and powerful rivers carving gorges and tunnels through dark and dense primeval forests.

West Papua Underwater
West Papua Underwater (Source : papua-diving.com)

The waters of Papua island are also very rich with various marine life and make it to a beautiful diving site. Some of the islands off the coast of West Papua are also established as Marine Reserves. Here are some of the best diving site.

RAJA AMPATRaja Ampat located near Bird Head Peninsula of Papua Island and provides amazing diving and the most stunning topside scenery. A research noted that Raja Ampat waters has 75% of coral species of the world. This facts make Raja Ampat become one of most popular diving site.

MISOOLMisool is a part of Raja Ampat Islands. Misool has a pure natural environments. Population of fish and coral are healthy, with a great variety of species. Many of the are rare and exotic. Local villagers are culturally interesting and friendly. There is Misool Eco Resort in this island.

Misool Island, Raja Ampat
Misool Island, Raja Ampat (Source : zona-muda.blogspot.co.id)

TRITON BAYTriton Bay in Kaimana, one of a pretty diving site. Placed far away from the crowd with innumerable small islands in the bay and rock arts cliffs in the mainland, makes Triton Bay become a peaceful and beautiful space. This area enjoys an unexcelled fish Biomass. Both soft and hard coral growth shows excellent health. This area also has both pelagics and critters.

Triton Bay
Triton Bay (Source : wikimedia.org)

MAPIA – A little island lies between West Papua and Palau. Here, you can find jacks, snappers, rainbow runners, trevally, pink leaf scorpion fish, big groupers, barracudas, gray sharks, huge Napoleon wrasses, tunas, and even huger bumphead parrotfish by the hundreds.

MANOKWARIManokwari, you can find a huge of WWII wreck diving in this site. There are the wreck of P-40 (Curtis Tomahawk fighter) and Japanese freighter Shinwa Maru with plenty of amazing wildlife and profuse hard and soft corals.

Have a nice West Papua Diving!

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