Welcome To The Volcano Of Mount Bromo

Welcome to the volcano of Mount Bromo, Tengger Massif, perhaps not the biggest, most active, or awe-inspiring, but it is probably the most famous. Bromo, it takes its name from the Hindu creator god Brahma. What makes this an amazing adventure and amazing journey is not just going to see yet another volcano but you’re going to meet a Hindu God.

Bromo sits in the middle of the sea of sand. From here you will see an amazing sight as you’re surrounded by volcanoes standing on a sea of sand wasteland that could be on the moon.

Getting there

There are three main ways to arrive at Mount Bromo. First, the overnight bus from Bali. Second, the bus from Jogjakarta, that takes around one day. Third, the bus from Surabaya.

All of these journeys will converge on Probolinggo, this is a Cemoro Lawang Village where you will be able to find accommodation and rest for your adventure which will start early in the morning. We feel the need to also point out that you will need warm clothing as it gets really chilly at night.

Sunrise on Mount Bromo
Sunrise on Mount Bromo (Source : bromodreamland.com)

You will find lots of places to stay, but it is advisable to book in advance as it can get really busy at peak seasons. Most likely you will wake up and around 4.30, enjoy a cold shower, eat some noodles and begin your day. It is possible to walk to the mountains from here, it takes around about 45 minutes. Then again this is the perfect opportunity to jump in a jeep and enjoy a traffic jam at 5 AM in the morning. As there are so many tourists trying to get to Mount Bromo for the Sunrise, this might put you off but don’t let it. Sunrise at Mount Bromo is amazing and well worth the trip.

Lots of hotels will organise the Jeep and a guide to find the perfect spot for you to watch the sun rise. Normally they even provide a light breakfast which makes the whole experience wonderful. Sitting at 7,000 feet watching an active volcano spewing smoke into the air while you enjoy a cup of Earl Grey, this is the way a vacation should be.

Jeep tour
Jeep tour (Source : jeep-bromo.com)

The next part of your trip will be back into the jeep and heading towards the creature. We highly recommend asking the driver to stop along the way as you will honestly think you’re on the moon. It is a great location to jump right to take pictures and just breathe in the amazing surroundings that are truly breathtaking. You will find yourself presented with horses, not what you were expecting but yes horses. Now as you might guess there are two ways to get to the top a horse ride or on foot, wherever you decide it will be an experience.

As you approach the volcano and the well trodden path will turn into a set of steps, at this point we recommend you turn around and again look at the view it’s just amazing. Plus it gives you an opportunity to get your breath back.

Bromo Crater
Bromo Crater (Source : javaadventuretrail.com)

As you reach the top of the crater be careful as the hand railings only goal for 10 m after that on your left is is a slippery slide down to the bottom of the volcano and on your right is the inferno. There is a constant stream of volcanic gas and ash pushed up into the atmosphere and if the wind changes take a deep breath and move out of the way. So, imagine it is standing there trying to take as much clean and pure oxygen in as possible and there you see men sitting around with flowers for sale. Remember this is a pilgrimage you have just visited a god and a gift is customary to the god. So at the top you can buy your flowers make you wish and threw them into the volcano. Believe it or not some wishes do come true.

Mount Bromo, the top of the crater
Mount Bromo, the top of the crater (Source : bromojavatravel.com)

If you’re lucky enough you might find yourself on the volcano around the Hindu festival of Yadnya Kasada, at this time local people make their way to the volcano and offer vegetables rice fruit flowers and sacrifices of livestock. This all comes from the story of Princess and the Prince who could not have children, they went to the mountain gods and gave offerings in return for a child. The volcano gods were so pleased with the sacrifices they gave them 24 children however sadly in return they had to give their 25th child back to the Volcano God. Kesuma, the 25th child was thrown into the volcano as a human sacrifice. To this day people still make sacrifices to the volcano god, but thankfully it is only valuable objects not people.

Pura Luhur Poten
Pura Luhur Poten (Source : wisatagunungbromo.com)

Walking back down the steps as you leave you will get a better view of the temple at the bottom of the Volcano. It is worth taking a look around, it is called Pura Luhur Poten, it is an active place of worship so please be respectful.

Bromo is a place where a natural beauty meets culture and history.

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