Weh Island : Dive in The Most Western Of Indonesia

Weh Island (or Pulau Weh) is a small volcanic island located in the Andaman sea, on the northwestern island of Sumatra. The largest city in Weh Island is Sabang, which is the most western city in Indonesia. Weh Island separated from Sumatra after the last time volcano eruption in the Pleistocene era. There are several small islands around Weh Island, namely Island of Rubiah, Seulako Island, and Island of Klah.

Weh Island
Weh Island (Source : waterwaterfall.blogspot.co.id)

Weh Island has a beautiful nature. The west side of Weh Island, there is a Forest Reserve and Marine Reserve. On the Weh Island, there are also many attractions, like Pantai Kasih (Love Beach), Pantai Sumur Tiga (Three Wells Beach), Pantai Tapak Gajah (Tread Elephant Coast), Pantai Ujung Kareung (Reef Tip Beach) and Beach of Gapang. As a volcanic island, Weh Island also has hot springs, small volcano, and hot mud pools. On the Weh Island, there are also waterfalls and Lake Aneuk Lot that not far from the town of Sabang. But the famous of Weh Island is its sea and beaches that are very excellent for snorkeling and diving.

Three Wells Beach
Three Wells Beach (Source : lostpacker.blogspot.com)

Waters of Weh Island has wealth of very fascinating marine and is one of the best dive sites in Indonesia. There are at least 19 point dive in the waters of Weh Island. The most famous is Rubiah Marine Park, located east of the Rubiah Island in Sabang Bay.

Rubiah Marine Park located on the west of Sabang, about 23.5 km by road or about 7 km by sea, adjacent to the village of Iboih. Government of Indonesia set the waters around Rubiah Island (about 2.600 acres) as nature reserves. In this most famous dive site of Weh Island, you will find calm and clear seawaters. Moreover, a variety of tropical fish and colorful coral reefs, are also ready to welcome you to enjoy the beauty of Rubiah Marine Park. Gigantic clams, angel fish, school of parrot fish, lion fish, sea fans, and much more, are also waiting for you in this dive site of Weh Island. Also find the honeycomb morays, octopus and stingrays.

Rubiah Marine Park
Rubiah Marine Park (Source : steemit.com/travel/@alamjroh)

The wrecks of “Sophie Rickmers” is also an interesting dive site in Weh Island. Sophie Rickmers was a steam cargo ship made in Germany in 1920, that the Dutch had seized it on May 10, 1940 in the waters of Weh island. But then on that very day, the crews of Sophie Rickmer sunk their own ship. Currently the boat 134 m long, covered by corals and become the home to giant groupers, giant morays and giant travellies.

In the south of Weh island, there is a dive site, Batee Meuduro. The distance is quite far away and isolated from other dive sites in Weh Island. But many divers said that Batee Meuduro is a top diving spot in Weh Island. Its shallow beach is covered by large table coral that becomes the home to lobsters, reef fishes and the baby sharks. At this top dive sites in Weh Island, you can encountered a lot of tunas, mackerels, barracudas, napoleon wrasse, manta rays and various of sharks.

Rubiah Marine Park, Sophie Rickmers wreck and Batee Meuduro are just 3 beautiful dive sites in Weh Island . There are still many more beautiful diving sites in Weh Island like Batee Dua Gapang, Batee Meuroron, Rubiah Utara (North Rubiah), Pantee Ideu, Batee Gla, Pantee Aneuk, Seuke or ‘The Canyon’, Pantee Peunateung, Sumur Tiga (Three Wells), Anoi Hitam and many more other dive sites.

Diving in Batee Meuduro
Diving in Batee Meuduro (Source : allevents.in)

How to reach Weh island? You can use the ferry from the Malahayati harbour in Banda Aceh headed to Port Balohan in Weh Island (about 2 hours). From Balohan, minibuses and taxis are available to take you to Sabang, the capital of Weh island.

In Weh Island, there is not any classified hotels, but Inns (locals called “losmen”). Although only inns, they are always ready to serve you with good service and hospitality. The facilities are quite simple and adequate; the rooms have baths and some have fans and air conditioning. The losmens are also ready to serve you a good meal. Want to try different culinary? you can go to the numerous food stalls in the town of Sabang.

Have a nice diving vacation in Weh Island…

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