The Amazing Water Park, Waterbom Bali

A modern water park with many slides and myriad attraction is famous known as Waterbom Bali. Located in the heart of Kuta District on 3.5 hectares land in front of Kartika Plaza Hotel, The Water Park is ready to pump your adrenaline to the top. Or if you just like having a lazy sun bathing, the Waterbom also ready to pamper you.

It’s equally fun to bask in the sunlight at the beach or the pool at a water bomb. But sometimes the hawkers will offer goods their goods so intensive to you so that you will feel very disturbed and can not enjoy your sunbathing in peace. And an advantage if you do so at the Waterbom is spared from the hawkers. No to be fear, unless your own fear on the rides. Be prepare…

Waterbom, Kuta Bali
Waterbom, Kuta Bali (Source :

Very exciting !! Myriad rides and slides will pump your adrenaline up to your head and you will scream out loud. The Boomerang, Macaroni, Jungle Ride, Raft River, Boogie Ride, Race Track, Superbowl .. those are the slides that can make you scream out loud with a pale face. Every slides has each height and slope that really full of challenge. After you finish all the scream slides, it is time to calm down and relax. Take a tube raft on the Lazy River and lull our heart-rate back to normal.

Lazy River, Waterbom Bali
Lazy River, Waterbom Bali (Source :

Waterbom has a spacious open areas for lazy sunbathers. The sunbathers can enjoy the sun caress there. When they feel enough for the sun caress, they can relaxing under the shade of trees or perhaps starting enjoy a lazy rides like Lazy River. There are many waterfalls and fountains in Pleasure Pool that will shower you if you do not like extreme rides. You can swim or play volley ball in the Pleasure Pool. Or you can go to spa centre for enjoying a variety of treatments. Oh, almost forget.. there is a pool bar to provide some cool drinks.

Flow rider, Waterbom Bali
Flow rider, Waterbom Bali (Source :

For children, there are slides, twisting rides, water canon, and a gigantic bucket which pours water every several minutes in a well-supervised area.

Another rides are Euro-Bungy, Water Blaster and Wall Climbing. Euro-Bungy gives you a slightly sling-shot experience as you bounce to great heights. Water Blaster is a water fight where you fill the catapult with water balloons, pull it back and fire.. and you’ll get your opponent drenched. Wall Climbing provides you a 10-meters wall for to climb. Under supervision from the rock climbing expert and equipped with a complete tools then the ride is very safe.

The Waterbom Bali
The Waterbom Bali (Source :

Waterbom also provides a food court area. When you feel so hungry then you can have a comprehensive culinary here.. from Balinese traditional cuisine to American hot dogs. Very tempting and of course it will set you free save you from suffering hunger and return your energy for the next attraction.

Waterbom has a cashless payment system. They applies “Splash Band” for all over the park. Splash Band is wristband in where your credit information was recorded and when I want to make transactions, the cashier will scan the Splash Band for the credit information. It is for the guest’s convenience because you do not have to carry notes while enjoying the park facilities.

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