The Majestic Ulun Danu Temple On Lake Beratan

Set within the highlands of the mountainous Bedugul Regency in Bali, atop a plateau that sits on Lake Beratan, stands the majestic Ulun Danu Temple. In the mild, mountain weather, approximately 1,500 meters above sea level, the air is crisp and cool. The stunningly clear lake is calm and almost perfectly still, save for the soft breeze that occasionally sweeps across, creating tiny ripples upon its surface. A thin mist rises from the lake and hangs in the air, surrounding the temple, giving it a somewhat surreal appearance.

Pura Ulun Danu was built in adoration of the Goddess Danu. Danu, in the Balinese tongue, means lake, while the goddess Danu is queen of water, lakes and rivers. The temple complex consists of four sacred buildings. Linga Pura stands three levels high, and is a place of worship to the god Shiva. Pura Puncak Mangu stands 11 levels high, and was built in dedication to the god Vishnu. Pura Teratai Bang is the main temple, and Pura Dalem Purwa is built in worship to Sang Hyang Widhi. This last temple is also a site for those who pray for fertility, prosperity and well-being.

The Ulun Danu Beratan temple, Bedugul
The Ulun Danu Beratan temple, Bedugul (Source :

The style of the building follows the Trimurti belief; three holy colors to represent the three gods: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. The first color is red, to the lord Brahma, The Creator. Second, is black. The symbol of the lord Vishnu, the balance and preserver of the universe. Finally, white for the god Shiva, The Destroyer.

The area surrounding the temple is believed to have been a site of worship and center for religious rituals since the megalithic period. To the left of the temple lies a sarcophagus as well as a stone slate that are dated to around 500 BC. The existence of the temple itself is has been recorded as early as 1556. In 1633, it was rebuilt by the King of Mengwi, I Gusti Agung Putu, with a mixture of Hindu and Buddhist architectural styles. Despite its age, the temple remains clean and in good condition, well kept by the local community. Ulun Danu Temple is one of the icons of the island of Bali, and is pictured on the 50,000 rupiah bill.

Lake Beratan, Bedugul
Lake Beratan, Bedugul (Source :

Lake Beratan is the second largest lake in Bali, and is the source of irrigation for rice fields and plantations across the entire Bedugul Village. The mountain on which it sits is often referred to as “the holy mountain” as the weather is cool and the soil rich and fertile. In early times, Lake Beratan was the largest lake in Bali, until a devastating earthquake occurred, dividing the lake into three sections: Beratan, Buyan and Tamblingan.

The name Beratan comes from the word Brata, which means to conduct one’s self to fill the 9 primary needs in life. The word is used in the term “Tapa Brata,” which is to meditate and be united with nature.


  • Strawberry  Hill Hotel – cozy, traditional cabins, just a walk away from Lake Beratan. Address:  Jl. Raya Denpasar-Singaraja Km. 48, Bedugul
  • Bali Handara Kosaido – located in the central highlands of Bali, and ranked among the top 50 golf courses in the world. Address: Bedugul
  • Enjung Beji  Resort Hotel – beautiful cottages around the lake, north of the Ulun Danu Temple. Address: Jl. Raya Bedugul, Candikuning, Tabanan

Enjoy the cool, mountain air and revel in the beauty of the natural surroundings; A calm, cool lake, surrounded by terraced rice fields, rolling hills and dense forests. Rent a boat or canoe to explore the area over water, or simply relax and enjoy the ride across the lake.

Pay a visit to Eka Karya Park, Bali’s only botanic garden, or stroll through the Candi Kuning Traditional Market. Bedugul is a region where fruit trees and vegetables of various varieties flourish. These are later sold in markets both in Bedugul and other areas around across the island. There are also small stalls where you can purchase beautiful and unique souvenirs, as a memory of your trip.

Though this area is a sacred place for Hindus, there is also a mosque in the region to symbolize the level of tolerance and harmony displayed by the local community.


Bedugul is located in the Tabanan regency, about 50 kilometers north of Denpasar, capital city of Bali, or 70 kilometers from the tourist area of KutaBedugul can be reached by private or rental car. The uphill journey travels across steep and winding roads, but the view is simply amazing.

Lake Beratan and Ulun Danu are located in the village of Candikuning, Tabanan Regency, Bali, not too far from the Eka Karya Botanical Gardens.


Rainfall can be sudden and frequent in this area, so an umbrella may come in handy. If you don’t have one, these can also be rented around the lake. Bring a jacket or sweater as the weather can get quite cold.

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