Ujung Kulon, National Park On The Island Of Java

Ujung Kulon has a national park or “Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon” that is attractive to many tourists. It is located in the Banten province, the western-most part of Java. To get there from Jakarta it is a 90 minute drive through the toll road of JakartaSerang.

The park has been known by researchers and botanists from the Netherlands and the United Kingdom since 1820. The Ujung Kulon National Park has been a representative of tropical rain forest ecosystem and an ideal habitat for the rare Javanese rhinoceros (Rhinoceros sondaicus) and other wild animals such as bulls (Bos javanicus) and leopards (Panthera pardus).

Ujung Kulon National Park
Ujung Kulon National Park (Source : ujungkulon.org)

There are three ecosystems in the park: sea waters ecosystem, swamp ecosystem, and land ecosystem. In the park there are also about 700 kinds of plants that are protected by the government; 57 kinds of the plants are categorized as rare. The other wild animals found in the park consist of 35 kinds of mammals, 5 kinds of primates, 59 kinds of reptiles, 22 kinds of amphibians, 240 kinds of birds, 72 kinds of insects, 142 kinds of fish, and 33 kinds of coral reefs.

The Ujung Kulon National Park is an interesting tourist object and it has beautiful natural waterfalls, rivers, white sand beach, hot water springs, and cultural historical heritage such as Ganesha Statue on Mount Raksa, Pulau Panaitan. All the beauty of the park is hard to find elsewhere in the world. The local people inhabiting around Ujung Kulon are called Banten people who are very famous for their magic power called “debus”. They are actually Muslims, but they still strongly hold on to the customs, traditions, and cultures that they inherit from their ancestors.

Panaitan island, Ujung Kulon
Panaitan island, Ujung Kulon (Source : surfingpanaitan.com)

Ujung Kulon’s white sand beaches are perfected by beautiful coral reefs and clear sea water ideal for snorkeling, diving, and swimming. The best time of the year to visit Ujung Kulon is between April and September.

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