Ubud, The Bali Deals

I remembered one of my tour to Bali. One of the attractions stated in the list (organizers call it as “Bali Deals”), is a tour to Ubud. And I sincerely admit that Ubud is the most stunning my Bali Deals.

Ubud is located about 25 km north of Denpasar, in the heart of Bali. Centrally located, making Ubud easy to get to beaches, mountain destinations or any other town. Ubud area is around two to three hundred meters above sea level and surrounded by rice fields, which makes Ubud enjoys cooler temperatures than the coast.

Ubud - Rice fields, Bali
Ubud – Rice fields, Bali (Source : pinterest.com/kellimarie820)

If you are looking for culture, comfort, nature and inspiration, Ubud is the best for your base when visiting Bali. Ubud is surrounded by scenic rice fields, small villages, art and craft communities, ancient temples, palaces, rivers, and of course, cheap accommodation and unique luxury hotels. Once, Ubud was a heaven for scruffy backpackers, cosmic seekers, artists and bohemians and Ubud is now a hot spot for literati, glitterati, art collectors and connoisseurs.

Ubud, Bali island
Ubud, Bali island (Source : thenational.ae)

As Bali Deals, Ubud itself is Bali’s cultural center. It has always been a magnet for artists, collectors, connoisseurs, writers, mystics and nature lovers. Ubud has a famous regularly nightly traditional dance performances and Hindu-Balinese ceremonies which take place on a nearly daily basis. The dance performances and religious ceremonies are part of the tradional and religious culture and are arranged for tourists on a regular schedule.

Ubud has two museums that are both very much worth a visit, Museum Puri Lukisan and Museum Neka. Museum Puri Lukisan has a large collection of pictures by Balinese Artists that show scenes from Balinese village life. Museum Neka also has a large collection of classical and more recent Balinese art.

Goa Gajah - Ubud
Goa Gajah – Ubud (Source : bali.com)

Surrounding Ubud, there are many places that you can visit. Whether you are interested in ancient temples, museums or sacred nature forest, you will be amazed at the depth of cultural, spiritual and natural inspiration. Here are several worth places to visit : Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), Wenara Wana (Monkey Forest),  Pura Tirta Empul (Tirta Empul Temple).

There are many interesting things on the main streets, but most of the magic of Ubud, the Bali Deals, is hidden away.It is hidden away in the backstreets, backwaters, courtyards and cafes. It is in people’s hearts, minds, and dreams. Take some time to buy a cup of coffee or tea at the open air cafeteria outside and enjoy the beautiful view, the fresh scent air, the cool wind blow, and the time in quiet. You will find what I mean.. at Ubud – Bali Deals.



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