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Lombok Island, one place that perhaps you have never heard before. Well, Lombok is one of undiscovered paradise island in Indonesia which may be I can be your new destination for your new experience. Lombok island is located east of Bali and has friendly people, a tropical climate and magnificent white sand beaches. Miles and miles of fine beaches! Definitely place to go for a seaside relaxation experience.

There are many activities to do on the island of Lombok such as rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking, biking, sailing, snorkeling, bamboo rafting, surfing, fishing, boating, paragliding, parasailing, and even golfing. You will experience some pretty cool and memorable dive and snorkeling in the underwater of Lombok. And the surfers can also hit the waves in Lombok too.

Mount Rinjani
Mount Rinjani (Source :

Mount Rinjani National Park, the third largest volcano in Indonesia with a measurement of 3726 meters, also situated here, in Lombok Island. You can trek on the mountain or on a natural trail. Most trips are usually done with an average of 15 to 20 people and accompanied by a local guide. You can even go camping and view some of the natural animals and vegetation.

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The city of Senggigi holds various of local nightlight filled with many dining establishments and dining restaurants. You will be sure to find something that will want to remind you of your visit and other unique items to take back as gifts. You will find exotic foods that will provide you with experiences unlike any other.

Lombok is also your base for the Gili Islands, a set of three island that lies just of the northwest coast. There is no cars and motorbikes disturbing the peace Gili Islands, The only choices for transportation are your feet, bicycle or horse drawn carriage. Dive, snorkel, swim, bask on the beach as you wish. Do not swim between islands! It may look swimmable, but the currents are fierce and you will be risking your life by doing this. Otherwise, the Gilis are all yours!

Gili Islands
Gili Islands (Source :

The best time to plan your trip is from the months of May to October. The peak season during the months of July and August so you will want to plan your trip early and make sure you have reservations!

When you visit Lombok Island you might not get a chance to see everything. You might be so overwhelmed by all the activities and adventures that happen here. You might decide not to do anything at all but simply meditate, relax, and get pampered. That can be done here as well. Whatever your vacation ideal is you can have it when you come to Lombok Island. It is a tranquil place with unheard of beauty and lulling waters that soothe your senses. The colors are so vibrant they appear to have been painted by an artist. You will not want to leave.

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