Travel Tips For Komodo National Park in Indonesia

An UNESCO World Heritage Site, Komodo National Park is a place that must be visited if you happen to visit Indonesia. Home to the massive Komodo Dragons or Ora as Indonesians know them, it also houses more than a thousand species in marine life alone. It has rich diversity of species which make this place a must visit for tourists.

Komodo National Park
Komodo National Park (Source :


There are guesthouses that are available within the park if you would like to stay there. You may also choose to stay at Loh Buaya or Loh Liang.

If you are looking for cheaper living options then you can stay at Labuanbajo and visit the park during the day. Another option would be to stay in a motorboat which comes with cabins and rooms and will also take you to the National Park.

Komodo attacks goat
Komodo attacks goat (Source :


There aren’t a lot of options available when it comes to food. People largely visit the National Park for the activities and not for the food. There are a few budget eateries available near the park’s headquarters located at Pulau Rinca.

Getting There

Reaching the place is possible both by air as well as water.

If you choose to travel by sea then there are ferries or boats that take you from Labuanbajo or Sumbawa in Flores from Sape. These run twice a week.

The best option for flying would be to fly from Denpasar in Bali to Labuanbajo. From here you will need a transit on a different flight or boat. Regular flights are available by Sky Aviation on this route.

Komodo National Park, Indonesia
Komodo National Park, Indonesia (Source :

Getting Around

The park is not very large in size and hence can be covered by foot. If you do not prefer walking around, you may hire a private charter boat since there are no regular or public boats.

Things To Do

Diving, snorkelling, camping and kayaking are something you can always indulge in if you are done with watching the Komodo Dragons.

Places to Visit Nearby

Located very close to the Komodo National Park are the beautiful beaches of Lombok and Bali which can be visited anytime.


Komodos have been known to attack humans and hence it is always advisable to not get too close to these giants. The dragon’s bite is considered to be venomous and may also result in massive blood loss. Hence it is always wise to remain alert and safe.

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