Travel Tips For Enjoying Festivals in Indonesia

Indonesia is full of natural beauties which are travel attractions for many travelers who came from different countries. Bali tops the destination to visit in Indonesia, the reasons are many from being naturally beautiful with rice terraces and limestone to arts and culture of dance, music, yoga and of course festivals. For the extreme pleasure of island paradise you can head to Gili Islands, where you won’t find a single car.

Major Festivals of Indonesia

Nyepi, is one of the most famous and important festival in Indonesia, which is celebrated across the country. Nyepi means the day of silence and signifies the Balinese New year. Pasola is celebrated in the month of February or March. This is one of the most exciting and adventurous festival and is celebrated in a very unique way. People riding horses, attack each with throw spears which is locally known as Hola.

The Pasola Festival
The Pasola Festival (Source :

Waisak, is celebrated to signify the life of Gautama Buddha. This festival is celebrated in the full moon day of May or June. Krakatoa, is the annual festival in Lampung and it signifies the Volcanic Island, Krakatoa. There are many attractions for this festival with elephant procession, assorted dances and cultural performances.

More Festivals

Galungan is a famous Hindu festival in Bali, Indonesia and is celebrated with lot of joy and spirit. This is celebrated for the arrival of Gods and the holy ancestral spirits. Bali Art festival, is one of very pompous festival. It is celebrated entire month during the June – July season. For the entire month people celebrate the art and culture with art exhibitions, Dance, cultural offerings and delicious food.

Galungan ceremony
Galungan ceremony (Source :

Travel Tips During Festive Seasons

Most of the festivals in Indonesia are celebrated in the night time and in the day time the preparation time. Hence on any big festival days, it is always advisable to stay at your hotel in the day time to avoid the unnecessary rush. You can tuck in with a book or can watch your favorite movie.

Avoiding the Crowd

At the festival time you can enjoy the excitement, but be careful about the crowd. Most of the festivals are very crowded and you need to very careful to stay in constant touch with your near and dear. Also, please make sure that you are not planning your arrival or departure on any major festive day as on major festivals airports are closed.

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