Travel Guide To Lake Toba

Lake Toba or Danau Toba is considered to be the world’s largest volcanic lake measuring about 1,707 sq. ft. Formed due to a massive volcanic eruption about 70,000 years ago; it has now turned into a tourist hub. Given below is a guide to find your way around the region if you ever happen to visit it.

Toba Lake
Toba Lake (Source :


There are several resorts, guesthouses and hotels available in Lake Toba and hence finding a place to stay is no trouble at all. However if you visit the place during the Chinese New Year then finding an accommodation to stay may be a little hard since the place sees a large number of tourists.

Getting There

You will first need to fly to Medan from where you will need to travel by land all the way to Parapat which is a town near Lake Toba. You can even book a taxi to take you to Parapat from Medan.

If you would completely do away with the travel by land, you can directly fly to Silangit from the Kualanamu International airport with the Susi Air. There are daily flights providing this service and will take you to the destination in just 30 minutes. However the flights can be a little expensive with the one way trip costing as much as 42 USD.

Getting Around

The mode of transport in the lake is the boat. There are several public boats that will take you from Parapat and also the areas around it like Tomok at just IDR 25,000 a trip.

King Sidabutar's tomb in Tomok, Toba Lake
King Sidabutar’s tomb in Tomok, Toba Lake (Source :

If you prefer being independent and want to chart your own travel then you can hire a motorcycle. However a fair warning would be that the roads are quite bumpy so riding may not always be fun. If you need something to travel nearby then you can always hire a bicycle.

Places Nearby

Just approximately 90 km to the northwest of Medan is Bukit Lawang where you can always see the very rare Sumatran Orangutan. So if you are visiting Lake Toba then you can go for the Orangutan Trekking.

Helpful Tip

Rains are very frequent and it can begin pouring just about any time so do carry a raincoat or something equivalent to the same while visiting here. There are a lot of mosquitoes in and around the area so carrying a mosquito repellent is a wise option. So there you have it, everything you need to enjoy Lake Toba.

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