Toronipa, The Favorite Beach Of Kendari

Situated in the Konawe Regency at the eastern tip of one of the bays flanking Kendari, the capital city of South East Sulawesi, the Toronipa Beach is a lovely relaxing place overlooking the picturesque Banda Sea. Toronipa itself is derived from the ethnic Bugis word “toro nipa” meaning “the bending nipa tree” which decorates most parts of the beach.

The beach features about 4 km of white sandy shores stretching endlessly over the entire bay. The vast stretches of soft indulging sands which can accommodate a large number of visitors is probably the reason what makes Toronipa the favorite Beach of Kendari’s population especially on weekends.

The Toronipa Beach, Kendari
The Toronipa Beach, Kendari (Source :

Its location on the eastern tip of the bay, makes Toronipa a perfect place to enjoy both the sunrise and sunset. A lot of visitors come specifically to enjoy and capture the magical moment as the sun emerges or submerges on the horizon, while nature paints some of its most beautiful colorful artworks.

The beach is flat and stretches about 1 km towards the open sea. At high  tide, you can enjoy swimming or play around in the shallow waters which are relatively safe for all members of the family since the sea here is pretty calm. When the sea recedes, the beach makes a perfect place to stroll around and enjoy the magnificent scenery.

Toronipa beach, Kendari
Toronipa beach, Kendari (Source :

The beach is also complemented with a number of facilities to cater to the needs of visitors. Along the shore are huts which are available for rent. Behind the rows of huts, a number of ‘warungs’ or shops offering various food, snacks, and beverages are ready to quench your thirst and hunger. Fresh coconut water, barbequed seafood, and Toronipa’s distinct “sate pokea” or clam skewers, are among some of the delicacies that make perfect companion to the enchanting ambience.


Near the beach, there is the Da Vinci Villa and Resort which provides more than adequate facilities to cater to your needs. As alternative, the locals also provide several homestays and guesthouses at relatively inexpensive prices.

This is a perfect beach for all members of the family. With the vast stretching soft white sands, building sand castles, playing beach volley ball, beach football, and other fun activities in the sand will definitely be an exciting experience.

For those who want a bit of thrilling action, there are a number of banana boat operators ready to give you some splashing excitement.

The amazing scenery especially during the spectacular sunrise and sunsets will definitely make a marvelous object for photography. If you enjoy capturing that perfect image, be sure to bring your camera and all your photography gear.


Toronipa Beach is located about 14 km northeast of Kendari, capital city of Southeast Sulawesi Province, or approximately a half an hours drive away. Do be cautious, since some roads may not be in very good condition. The beach can also be reached by public transportation.

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