Top 5 Things Worth Indulging in Bali

The International Travel Magazine has awarded Bali for many years as the World best Island. Bali is one of the most visited islands in the world, where a huge number of people came from across the countries to make their holidays memorable. Below are some of the most to do things during your stay at Bali.


Seminyak (Source :

Seminyak is tourist as well as a residential place located on the western coast of Bali. It is considered that Seminyak has some of the most beautiful and amazing beaches in Bali. The beautiful sunsets and occasional local ceremonies are must do stuffs at Seminyak. This place is abundant of restaurant and bars and the atmosphere is very lively.

Potato Head Beach Club

Potato Head Beach Club
Potato Head Beach Club (Source :

Potato Head is a place, which provides you the amazing experience of glamorous sun baths or fancy sundowners. You can easily hire a sun bed which is not only cheap but also very comfortable which doubled the experience.

Ubud, The Gateway to Cultural Bali

Ubud, Bali in Indonesia
Ubud, Bali in Indonesia (Source :

If you are interested to see the cultural and religious side of Bali, which is traditional and tribal then Ubud is must go place. Ubud is one of the best Bali’s towns, which is developed as a tourist spot on the basis of its major artistic and cultural values. You can plan a day trip to Ubud and its neighbor Lake Batur which is also rich in culture and art.

The Rock Bar

The Rock Bar
The Rock Bar (Source :

The Rock Bar is one of the most crowded Bar in the world. Though is always have a lot of customers, but the interior makes the Bar one of the best location to enjoy your drink. The view from the bar is also worth spending some quality time. Sipping your best brand while watching the water crashing into the rock is not a common site and it definitely must be included in your visit to Bali.

Food and Yoga

Food of Bali
Food of Bali (Source :

Bali is a place for foodies, the food, especially the seafood is incredibly fresh in any restaurant or at any food hawker. The best part is that the food is quite cheap as well you need to pay only a fraction compared to any other country. Yoga is also something which is very famous in Bali. It is a good way for relaxing from tiredness of travelling and also provide you the inner peace.

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