Togian And Banggai : Diving Liveaboards Trips

Still in Sulawesi, Indonesia. There is Togian Islands in the Gulf of Tomini, that is very excellent for Diving Liveaboards Trips. Well, we direct to the Togian Islands.

Consist of Togian Island, Batudaka Island, Una-Una Island, Talatakoh Island, Waleabahi Island, Poat Island and many other small islands, this area is very attractive for diving. Barrier reefs, atolls, and fringing reefs are found together and it’s very rare in the world. The adventure will encounter a very interesting dive site.

Togean Island
Togean Island (Source :

Almost all of Togian Islands are covered by dense tropical forests. Human settlements are very rare, moreover for tourism. You will find a pristine nature.

Diving Liveaboards Trips will find a very pure Togian waters which is beautiful, with high diversity of marine life and corals. Visibility is very good because the water is still clear. Around the volcanic island of Una-Una, you will find a diversity of sponges in many shapes and sizes. Fish is very diverse barracudas, jacks, napoleon wrasses, bump head parrotfish, snappers, fusiliers, etc.

Beautiful drop offs with crevasses and overhangs, canyons, rocks formations, pinnacles can be found in the trips. All offering a great variety of spectacular underwater sceneries for diving. Some of the best dive site: Dominick Rock (Kadidiri), Fishomania (Una-Una), Manara (Una-Una), Apollo Reef (Una-Una), Kololio (Una-Una), Stone Crazy (Kadidiri) , Mount Sea (Togian), B24 (Togian).

B24 is a wreck of an American B24 Bomber from the WW II. The plane was crashed on its way back to Morotai Island (North Mollucas). The pilot and the crews were rescued by the local people.

Banggai Island
Banggai Island (Source :

Move toward the Banggai Islands in the Lamala Bay, bordering the Banda Sea in the south and Molucca Sea in the north. Consists of Banggai Island, Peleng Island, Bangkurung Island, Labobo Island and many small islands. The naturalist Alfred Wallace called the Banggai Islands, as Mother of all living coral reefs, because it has numerous large reefs that support a very rich marine life.

You will find plenty of dive sites with vertical drop-offs wall. These walls present overhangs and cavities. In deeper parts, our trips will find rock walls, covered by black coral and gorgonian fans, inhabited by tunas, trevallies, batfishes, turtles, napoleon, wrasses, groupers, snappers, and a few reef sharks. Diving Liveaboards Trips also find all range of reef fishes such as banner fishes, butterfly fishes, damselfishes, dart fishes, dotty Backs.

Diving Liveaboards Trips
Diving Liveaboards Trips (Source :

You will find that diversity of marine life here are very high. The reefs offer all range of creatures such as angle fishes, ribbon eels, blue-ring octopus, bob tail squid, leaf scorpion fish, ghost pipefish, and the endemic, Banggai Cardinal Fish.

Some of the dive site are George’s wall (Banggai), Katini (Banggai), Kebun laut (Banggai), Kokunan bay (Banggai), Lost anchor (Banggai), Batu Gong (Peninsula), Entre 2 mers (peninsula), Rocks and wreck (peninsula).

That’s our Diving Liveaboards Trips in Togian Islands and Banggai Islands. Certainly, will add your experience, insights and memories.

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