Tirta Sanita Hot Water, Bogor

There is a tourist object at Ciseeng, Bogor city, West Java province, called Tirta Sanita, also known as Ciseeng Hot Water. Bogor is a city next to Jakarta. From Jakarta you can get to Tirta Sanita by taking the route of Lebak Bulus – Pondok Cabe – Parung – Ciseeng.

The hot water of Tirta Sanita springs comes from the nearby limestone mountain at Ciseeng. That is why the tourist object is also called Ciseeng Hot Water. TEMAC (Thailand Engineering Materials Analysis Co., Ltd.) has tested the hot water content of sulfur, and TEMAC states that the Ciseeng sulfuric hot water is very useful for human’s health, especially for curing a variety of skin diseases.

Tirta Sanita
Tirta Sanita (Source : informasiana.com)

As a tourist, you can enjoy bathing in the hot water in its natural pool, outdoors. However, if you want to bath in the hot water indoors, you have to rent a room. To rent a 2×2 meter room, it costs you between Rp 15,000 and Rp 25,000 per person.

Besides the hot water, on Tirta Sanita location you can also enjoy the beautiful view and panorama of Mount Ciseeng with its cool air. You can even walk up the mountain and enjoy the surrounding view from there. Tirta Sanita’s location has also been used as a campsite that covers a relatively wide area. Besides that, the location is good for doing outbound program activities for all ages.

Tirta Sanita, Bogor
Tirta Sanita, Bogor (Source : piknikasik.com)

So, Tirta Sanita is suitable not only for bathing in natural hot water but also for doing various activities such as outdoor plays, games, shows, stage performances, and camping.

If you should spend the night on the location, a room rate per night is between Rp 150,000 and Rp 225,000 per person. And if you just need to rent a room for six hours, the rate is Rp 95,000 – Rp115,000.

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