The Thunderous Telun Smoky Falls in Jambi

Deep within the Telun Seblat National Park, neatly concealed behind a tangle of thick foliage, the sounds of roaring waters splashing over rocks can be heard. After a laborious yet rewarding climb up Mount Kerinci, or perhaps a leisurely stroll through the Kayu Aro tea plantations, Telun Smoky Falls is the decoration atop the cake, or the final step in a perfect adventure through the Kerinci Regency in Jambi Province. As with many waterfalls, Telun Smoky Falls was created by erosion, through the process of fast flowing waters passing through a large rock formation. Telun Smokey Falls, however, retains its own distinct allure.

Air Terjun Telun Berasap or Telun Smoky Falls in Jambi
Air Terjun Telun Berasap or Telun Smoky Falls in Jambi (Source :

The waters of Telun Smokey Falls begin at Lake Gunung Tujuh, or Lake Of Seven Mountains. The streams then pass through steep rifts and ravines amidst rocks and boulders before crashing down from a height of approximately 50 meters into the rocky pool below. The sheer height of the waterfall causes the fallen droplets to create a sort of mist around the falls, hence giving it its name: Smoky Falls. The suspended fog of water in turn allows the refraction of passing light, producing a spectacle of colorful rainbows projected across the waterfall as well as the pool below. A cave is hidden behind the curtain of raging water, but till now no one has been able to enter.

The trek to the Telun Smokey Falls is quite a challenge and involves a 300 meter uphill trek from Telun Berasap Village. Steps lead the way to the falls, but can become slippery in the case of rain. Despite the possibly arduous journey, depending on your level of fitness, the trek through the magnificent tropical landscapes of Telun Seblat National Park is not one to be missed. The path is bordered on either side by majestic and towering trees which locals say are hundreds or even thousands of years old. The park is also home to nearly 400 species of bird and is said to be habitat to more tigers than China, Laos, Cambodia and Vietnam combined.

The thunderous Telun Smoky Falls in Jambi
The thunderous Telun Smoky Falls in Jambi (Source :

Small wooden lodges are set around the falls for visitors to relax after a tiring trek and enjoy the dazzling view. Take a dip in the sparkling cool waters or test your skill at scaling the rocks around. Visitors should be advised not to attempt diving, however, as the pool at the foot of the falls is fairly rocky.


While in the Kerinci Regency , the local delights that are worth a try are Bera Payo, Gulai Ikan Semah, Denden Beteko and Kacang Tojin. For coffee lovers, don’t forget to try Kerinci Coffee, and for tea drinkers, of course the famous Kayu Aro Tea.

No accommodations are available in Telun Berasap village, so lodging is best in Sungai Penuh, capital city of Kerinci District – but do not expect to find any sort of luxury hotel. Budget hotels and guest houses in Sungai Penuh are simple, but comfortable and provide friendly service.


The two closest cities to Sungai Penuh, capital city of Kerinci Regency, are Jambi and Padang.

Getting to Sungai Penuh from Jambi city takes about 10 hours by car over a distance of approximately 500 km. This can be done using public transportation or rental car. Jambi airport serves just Jakarta and Batam.

The alternative route through Padang is much faster, at a total distance of under 300 kilometers. Sungai Penuh can be reached via public transport, car rental or private car. Minangkabau International Airport in Padang serves Jakarta, MedanPekanbaru, Batam and Kuala Lumpur.

From Sungai Penuh Village, proceed about 60 km more to Telun Berasap Village. This leg of the journey is best accomplished with the use of a four-wheel drive. From Telun Berasap Village, you can continue on foot to the falls.

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