The Secluded Balangan Beach And It’s Long Left Hander Surf Breaks

For avid and intrepid wave riders, the Bukit Peninsula area of Bali is the Promised Land bedazzled with ravishing ocean tides and unspoiled beaches. Among these, Balangan beach is one of its best kept secret that was once only shared among surfers.

Ranked 1st in CNN Go’s “Bali’s best 5 hidden beaches” released on January 2012, this secluded paradise lies just a little to the north of nearby Dreamland Beach, roughly about 10 Km from the Ngurah Rai Airport or about some 30-40 minutes from the highly popular Kuta Beach. Flanked between two rock cliffs, the coastline of Balangan Beach stretches for about 1 Km. The amazing mixture of white and black sands on some spots of the beach, the unique green and dark brown musty stone texture on the shore, and the pond-like hollow spaces with clear water where sometimes little fishes are trapped, are among some of the features one will find in this secluded paradise. Aside from sheltering beach combers from the scorching sun, the swaying palm trees on the shore are a spectacle of their own.

The Balangan Beach, Bali
The Balangan Beach, Bali (Source :

A perfect place to stroll down and enjoy the tranquility of nature at its finest, the coast is a perfect playground for kids or families where they can collect shells, build sand castles, or just play around in the water. Similar to most beaches on Bali, Balangan beach also presents the spectacular sight of sunsets over its afternoon horizon.

For surfers, this is where one of Bali’s longest left-hander breaks are found and, when the swell is big enough, there may well be one or two tube sections. The sheer length of this wave means that it has several starting points, as well as varied sections – in a word, everything the surfer’s heart desires: whether steep or simple drops, sharp faces or smooth longboard sections, there’s something for everyone. Even advanced surfers can learn something here. With the best waves size averaging from 4ft to 8ft, Balangan features very classy waves, meaning, surfers will be challenged by the fast waves on some good days with  smaller swell during dead low tide days. From April to November constant south-west swells and off-shore winds ensure perfect waves, and loads of point breaks and tubes.

Surfing on balangan beach, Bali
Surfing on balangan beach, Bali (Source :

Far from the tourists spotlights, and secluded from overflowing crowds, Balangan Beach is the perfect place to get away from hectic routine life. A place to have “me” time, a spot to ride the “my wave” or simply, a paradise to call your own.



While it is may be barely an hour away from the tourists compounds of Kuta-Legian area, or the capital of Bali, Denpasar, for a true experience you may want to stay at some of the villas or other accommodations options near Balangan Beach.


To go to Balangan from Kuta or Denpasar take the South Bypass Ngurah Rai route to Nusa Dua until you arrive at Bukit Peninsula, Uluwatu. Pass through the Garuda Wisnu Kencana complex until you find a small intersection where you should take the right small road until you find the sign “To Balangan”. Follow the road until you find the metal fence to the beach parking lot. The Trip from Kuta will take roughly 30 to 40 minutes, and from Denpasar it will take about 40-50 minutes depending on the traffic conditions.


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