The Maimun Palace, An Iconic Landmark Of Medan

Situated on Jalan Brigjen Katamso Street in the heart of Medan, capital city of North Sumatra Province, The Maimun Palace is an elegant heritage site, an iconic landmark of Medan and the pride of its people.

The Maimun Palace is a legacy of the Sultanate of Deli, whose seat was in Medan. This kingdom was  once part of the Aceh Sultanate but seceded from it in 1669. Maimun Palace was built by the 9th Sultan of Deli, Sultan Maimun Al Rasyid Perkasa, under whose auspices construction began on 26th August 1888 and completed on 18th May 1891.

The Maimun Palace, Medan
The Maimun Palace, Medan (Source :

Covering a total area of 2,772 square meters, the Maimun Palace is a beautiful architectural artwork which richly combines many styles including Islamic Malay, Spanish, Indian, and Italian features.

About 100 meters in front of the palace, stands the Al Maksum Mosque, which forms part of the Palace, and is recognized as the Grand Mosque of Medan.

Compromising a total of 30 rooms, the Mamimun Palace is dominated by the color yellow which is the distinct color denoting Malay royalty. Consisting of 2 floors, the building  faces east and is divided into three sections, namely : the main building, the left wing, and the right wing.

Grand Mosque of Medan
Grand Mosque of Medan (Source :

European influence can be seen in the lamps, chairs, tables, cupboards, windows, doors, and other ornaments. The Palace features Spanish style doors, while its tall doors and windows adopt Dutch architecture. A marble tablet by the main staircase is written in Dutch using Latin script.

The Islamic influence can be seen from the curved arches in its roof section which resembles an inverted boat. This style is known as the Persian Curve, commonly found among many buildings in the Middle East.

Inside the Maimun Palace
Inside the Maimun Palace (Source :

The main hall of the palace is the Throne Room and is, as expected, dominated by the color yellow. The 412 square meters room. Is where the most important ceremonies are held, including the coronation of the Sultan of Deli. The room wasalso used by the Sultan to host guests and other major occasions.

The exquisite interior and physical features of the palace truly radiate the wealth of the Deli Sultanate that for over 2 centuries successfully produced an abundance of various crops, oils, and herbs. The majestic,  Maimun Palace, therefore, stands as a monument to the golden age of the Sultanate of Deli.

This historical site is open to the public daily from 08.00 to 17.00 West Indonesia Time, with entry tickets of IDR5.000 for children, and IDR10.000 for adults.


The City of Medan offers all kinds of delicacies from fine dining restaurants to street foods which feature Medan’s distinct spicy foods. If you are up for a little culinary adventure,  go to the Selat Panjang Street which is the center of Medan’s Street Food. For those who seek a classic ambience, there is the Tip Top Café set in a classic Dutch colonial building, located on Jalan Ahmad Yani.

You can also go to Merdeka Street where you can find lots of cafes and restaurants , just the place to hang out with friends and relatives.

Medan is famous for its exotic Durian fruit. Durian is the large spiky fruit, that has soft sweet milky portions inside, but whose smell one either loves or hates. The Durian of Medan has a distinct taste and smell and can be found almost in every part of the cities. If you wish to taste this special fruit, you can go to Pasar Rame Market near Plaza Thamrin which opens from morning until the afternoon.

If you wish to buy souvenirs of Medan and from other parts of North Sumatra, visit  some of the Souvenir’s Shops such as Toko Asli, Toko Rufino dan Toko Bali Art.

For edible mementos to bring home, do buy the Bika Ambon cakes and marquisa syrups, which are a must to buy when in Medan.

Since it is situated right in the center of Medan, you will have no problem in finding many star-rated hotels or inns near the Palace.

Maimun Palace is the best place to learn about the history of the Deli Sultanate that once ruled over Medan and North Sumatra. You can also observe the architectural marvel of the palace and its intricate details which incorporated various styles around the world. More than observing, the palace also makes a beautiful object to photograph.


Situated right in the heart of Medan, the Maimun Palace is easily reached by various types of public transport such as mini buses, taxis, Becak Motor (motorcycled pedicabs), and others since almost every public transport passes the Palace.

From the Kualanamu International Airport you can take the train to downtown Medan which takes some 35 minutes and costs IDR80,000 or take the Kualanamu Airport-Medan Bus in the direction of Amplas Terminal which costs IDR15,000, and takes about 1 hour. From the Medan Train Station take the white mini bus and ask to be dropped at the Maimun Palace. If you take the bus, from the Amplas Terminal you can continue by the yellow mini bus in the direction of Pinang Baris, and also ask to be dropped at the palace.


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