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The Thousand Islands
The Thousand Islands (Source :

It is about 45-47 km from North Jakarta and Natural Resources Council of Bogor manages it. The Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) has 99 islands altogether. On March – August are the best times to visit these lovely islands. It is the perfect places to make a nature exploration, dive, sail and fish. To reach these islands you can use motorboats from Marina Port at Jaya Ancol Dreamland in North Jakarta.

Destinations : Putri island – Pelangi island – Matahari island -Bidadari island – Ayer island – Kotok island – Sepa island – Laki island.

2. MOYO ISLAND (West Nusa Tenggara)

Moyo island
Moyo island (Source :

It is in the mouth of Saleh Bay, Sumbawa Island in West Nusa Tenggara and it is on the east of Lombok Island. This beautiful island covers with white sands and under the water there is an exotic sea garden. Available facilities that can be found in this island are accommodations, transportation and restaurants. It is a good place for diving, swimming and fishing. You can reach this lovely paradise by using motorboats or ships from Mataram and the best time to visit is on dry season.

3. TEMAJO ISLAND (West Kalimantan)

Temajo Island (Source :

It is only 90 km from Pontianak, West Kalimantan, or 2 hour journey by motorboats. In this beautiful island you can do such activities like swimming, diving or fishing. The best time to visit is on dry season.

4. KAGET ISLANDS (South Kalimantan)

Kaget Island on South Kalimantan
Kaget Island on South Kalimantan (Source :

This ssland is 13 km from Kota baru or 275 km from Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan. In this island you can found many facilities such as sampans and restaurants. Swimming, sailing or just relaxing on the beach are the kinds of activities for enjoying your holiday.

5. SAMALONA ISLAND (South Sulawesi)

Samalona Island (Source :

It is a white sandy island, which is only 3 miles from Makassar, South Sulawesi and also has a beautiful sea garden. Many facilities that can be found in this island, such as rest houses, sailing boat, motorboat and toilet. It is a paradise for surfers and people who like to spend their holiday by having fun with motorboats or sampan. This place can be reached by motorboat from Makassar in 30 minutes journey. Pulau Samalona opens daily.

6. LAE-LAE ISLAND (South Sulawesi)

Lae-Lae Island (Source :

It is 2 miles from Makassar, South Sulawesi and using motorboat or sailing boat you can reach this place in 10 minutes journey from Makassar. It opens daily. At this place you can use its facilities such as sampan, fishing equipment, motorboat to do spend your best holiday time.

7. KAYANGAN ISLAND (South Sulawesi)

Kayangan Island (Source :

It is easy to come to this island because you can take all kinds of vehicles from Makassar, South Sulawesi, because it is only 4 miles away from the city. This island is a small white sandy beach, which has many facilities such as cottages, restaurants, bars, sampan, fishing equipment, live performance and games for kids. You can do water skiing, sailing, fishing or just have a nice swimming on its beach.

8. BUTON ISLAND (Southeast Sulawesi)

Buton Island (Source :

This island is next to Muna Island, situated in Southeast Sulawesi. To come to this island you can take a journey by ship or motorboat. This island offer a great deal of pleasure and give many facilities to make your holiday becomes unforgettable. Do swimming, diving or just have a nice fishing is good choice to do in this island.

9. MUNA ISLAND (Southeast Sulawesi)

Muna Island (Source :

This island is on the north of Flores Island, Southeast Sulawesi which in 4 hour ship/motorboat journey from Kendari you can definitely see its lovely view and its national park in Napa Bale (17 km from Raka city).

10. AURI ISLANDS (West Papua)

Auri Islands (Source :

This 300.000 ha islands is situated in Waisor Village, Manokwari district in West Papua. By using motorboat from Manokwari you can reach this beautiful island to have such adventurer sports such as diving, sailing, waterskiing, surfing or maybe just have a relaxing time to fish. It is advisable to visit on May – October.

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