The Best Cities Of Indonesia Unleashed

Indonesia is one of very huge countries in terms of islands. The diversity in the geography and culture make Indonesia a perfect place to visit in holiday trips. The diversity is also in terms of the religions and tribal culture as well as languages. The cliffs, waterfall, forest and of course the beaches make Indonesia a tourist magnet and country has lot and lot to offer. We are listing some of the best cities to look out for in your next visit to Indonesia.


National Monument (Monas)
National Monument (Monas) (Source :

The capital of Indonesia, Jakarta is one of the busiest and congested city. The city is very developed and serves as the air hub for the entire country with many international flights connecting to its airport. The night life is at its best with many engineering marvels in the city. Jakarta gives you the taste of hectic and busy city and once you align to it you are ready to explore the rest of Indonesia.


Prambanan Temple Compounds, Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Prambanan Temple Compounds, Yogyakarta, Indonesia (Source :

If you are interested in culture and historical places, Yogyakarta is the place to visit in Indonesia. You will find the perfect blend of two great kingdoms of different religions, Buddhism and Hinduism in Yogyakarta. The streets are filled with food hawkers, puppet maker and gave you the feeling of ancient times away from the hustle bustle of modern world. There are many magnificent temples in the city which are worth a watch.


Bali (Source :

No prize for guessing the best destination for supreme islands in the universe, yes its Bali. Famously known as the land of gods, for its beaches and natural beauty. Your visit to Indonesia is incomplete if you don’t visit this beautiful place. In Bali you will also find many clubs enjoying the night life in party mode.

Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat
Raja Ampat (Source :

If you love diving and swimming with the fishes, you simply can’t miss the Raja Ampat. Raja Ampat is one of the most amazing and best diving place in the entire world. You will find 70-80 % of world’s coral species in Raja Ampat and hence you have the change to swim with more amazing oceanic creatures.

Tana Toraja

Tana Toraja
Tana Toraja (Source :

Tana Toraja is a highland which is very rich in cultural values and is situated between the two mountains. The huge cultural and religious values are the attraction of this place. The ceremonies of this place are equally famous and worth an experience.

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