Teritip Crocodile Breeding Center

Teritip is a breeding center with the highest number of crocodiles in East Kalimantan. At present, more than 1,450 crocodiles, ranging from estuary crocodiles (Crocodylus porosus), and two endangered species i.e., fresh water crocodiles (Crocodylus siamensis) and supit crocodiles (Tomistoma segellly).

These crocodiles are bred in dozens of cages covering a 5 hectare of area. These cages are categorized into four types i.e., cubs, weigh gaining process, young crocodiles and mothers. Each visitor should pay only Rp 10,000 per person. It is open daily from Monday through Sunday from 8 am to 5 pm local time.

Teritip Crocodile Breeding Center, East Kalimantan
Teritip Crocodile Breeding Center, East Kalimantan (Source : travelanggi.wordpress.com)


For those who like to make a culinary tour, you may try crocodile satay for Rp 3,000 per stick here. Allegedly, this satay will increase your strength and vigor. Crocodile genitals are also sold for Rp 400,000 – Rp 700,000.

Fear Factor has nothing on this.

Please note that crocodile satay, genitals and oils are only available during weekends and public holidays. You can say that the crocodiles never “thank God it’s Friday.”

But if you wish to shy away from the challenge, you can always drive back to Balikpapan and get some food in a normal restaurant, like chicken.

In Teritip, visitors can buy various types of souvenirs made of crocodile skins or crocodile-shaped souvenirs.

Teritip Crocodile Center is situated not far from Balikpapan city center. You may stay in hotels available along Sudirman, Marsma Iswahyudi, or Mulawarman streets.

So far, crocodiles are known as wild and dangerous animals. In this Center, visitors can see these reptiles closer. In addition, visitors can also feed these crocodiles with fishes and chickens. Not the way the late Steve Irwin would’ve done it, though. Safely out of their reaches, of course.

The Teritip Crocodile Breeding Center
The Teritip Crocodile Breeding Center (Source : indonesia.travel)


This Breeding Center is large but you can travel around all cages on foot with no problem. Besides crocodiles, you can also find cages of snakes and monkeys along the way. In addition, two Lampung elephants are ready to take you around The Center.


East Kalimantan is a unique province. Its capital city is Samarinda but its entry gate is in Balikpapan. Its main airport is Sepinggan at Marsma Iswahyudi street, Balikpapan. Teritip Crocodile Breeding Center is situated about 28 kilometers from Balikpapan. It is situated at Mulawarman street no. 66, Teritip village, Balikpapan Timur sub-district, East Kalimantan.

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes drive to this Center. You could also take public transportation no. 7 from Damai bus station, Balikpapan.


This breeding center is a good tourist object for families. Its large and shady area and hall for resting enable you to rest, eat and drink during a family picnic.

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