Temam Waterfall : The Mini Niagara Waterfall

Lubuk Linggau is one of the cities in Musi Rawas district, South Sumatera province. Eleven kilometers to the south of the city there is an interesting tourist object called Temam Waterfall.

To go to Lubuk Linggau, you can start from Palembang (the capital city of South Sumatera). From Palembang to Lubuk Linggau it takes about 6.5 hours by land transport. An alternative way to go to Lubuk Linggau is from Bengkulu city, which takes around 4 hours.

Temam Waterfall, Lubuk Linggau
Temam Waterfall, Lubuk Linggau (Source : coinaphoto.com)

From the city center of Lubuk Linggau, it takes about 30 minutes to get to the waterfall area by car. There are two routes that you can choose: 1) from Air Temam urban village, and 2) from Rahma urban village. Actually, the tourist object itself (Temam Waterfall) is located more or less 50 meters from the country road that joins Air Temam urban village and Rahma urban village. Both routes provide you with fairly good road.

Temam Waterfall is a natural tourist object. It is a waterfall that is 12 meters high and 25 meters wide. The waterfall water is clear, cool, and fresh. The waterfall location is surrounded by natural rock cliffs and green trees that perfect the tourist object beautiful view. You can bathe in the waterfall pool.

Temam Waterfall, South Sumatra
Temam Waterfall, South Sumatra (Source : southsumatratourism.com)

In order to enter this Temam Waterfall area, you are to pay a ticket (Rp 10,000) per person. And if you come into the area with your car, you have to pay Rp 30,000 for your car. Actually the parking lot in the area is not very wide, so if you cannot find a parking space there, you have to park your car beside the road.

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