Tapak Paderi Beach, One Of The Top Tourist Destinations in Bengkulu

Tapak Paderi Beach is one of the top tourist destinations in the province of Bengkulu. With a coastline that borders the Indian Ocean, Bengkulu’s Tapak Paderi Beach merges into Pantai Panjang, or Long Beach, making the entire province’s coast seemingly endless stretches of fun and relaxation in the sea, sand and sun.

Strolling along Tapak Paderi, visitors can admire the beauty of the Bengkulu Sea, watch the enchanting sunset, or enjoy grilled seafood and corn along the seaside or on a boat.

Aside from its natural beauty, Tapak Paderi’s historical attractions are what set it apart from other beaches. Tapak Paderi was the center of the first seaport in Bengkulu. It was also the hub for marine transportation of the British Government. The port was located just 100 meters from Fort Marlborough, a fort built by the British in the early 18th century. This fort and the Thomas Parr Monument are the most visited attractions in the Bengkulu Province. Along this beach, you can also see a Chinatown that was once also a major hub of activity.

Tapak Paderi Beach of Bengkulu
Tapak Paderi Beach of Bengkulu (Source : indonesia.travel)

Tapak Paderi Beach is also the location for the annual Bengkulu Tabot Festival. This is a cultural event exhibiting a variety of performing arts and dances, traditional crafts, markets, competitions, and much more.


Seafood is the favorite food of the area, usually grilled or barbecued. Martabak is also highly ranked in the Bengkulu food craze. Fried bananas and roasted corn are also among the popular traditional treats. Most of the area’s culinary delights can easily be found along the beach.

Along all three of Bengkulu’s beaches, Tapak Paderi, Panjang and Jakat, you can find rows of stalls selling souvenirs and other typical knickknacks of Bengkulu.

Here are some of the hotels available around the city:

  • Hotel Raffles City, Jl. Pariwisata No. 1, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Nala Sea Side Cottage, Jl. Pariwisata No 2, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Puri Bidadari Beach, Jl. Pariwisata No 4, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Permata Gading, Jl. Pantai Nala No 133, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Pasir Putih Resort, Jl. Pariwisata, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Grand Marina, Jl. Pariwisata, PantaiPanjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Malibu Beach Hotel, Jl. Pariwisata, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu
  • Hotel Empang Wisata, Jl. Pariwisata, Pantai Panjang Bengkulu

Take a relaxing stroll along Tapak Paderi’s soft sands, enjoying the sea breeze and sounds of rolling waves splashing upon the shore. Bask in the golden glow of the shimmering sunset each evening. As you walk, Tapak Paderi will eventually merge into Panjang Beach and finally Jakat Beach; each beautiful in their own way, adorned with towering pine trees, swaying in the calm sea breeze.

Hotels, cottages and restaurants line the beach. You can also find a jogging track, swimming pool and plenty of souvenir stores. Water sports such as jet skis and banana boats are also available for rent. Along the coast, food vendors peddle a variety of tasty snacks and fishermen sell their catch of the day.

Join a historical tour to visit Fort Marlborough, a British fort built on Sumatra’s west coast. Inside the fort you can see a detention room, armory, offices, ancient cannons, a long tunnel and a cemetery for the British War Heroes.


Fatmawati Airport in Bengkulu is a domestic airport, serving only Jakarta and Batam.

Tapak Paderi Beach is located about 15 kilometers from the airport. To get there, you can hire a car or take a taxi, which will take about 40 minutes. The beach is about 10 minutes from Bengkulu’s city center, and is accessible by car, minibus, taxi or motorcycle.

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