An Enchanting Hidden Paradise, Tanjung Setia Beach

Secluded along the western coast of Lampung, beyond the thick forests of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park lies an enchanting hidden paradise called Tanjung Setia Beach. Although obscured from spotlights, the waves at Tanjung Setia are touted as among the world’s best by surfers from all over the globe, and at par with the world famous surf of Hawaii.

Located some 273 kms or some 6-7 hours driving from the province’s capital Bandar Lampungin the Tanjung Setia Village of the West Lampung district, the Tanjung Setia Beach lies directly in the path of the large Indian Ocean currents that enhance it with constant fascinating waves. Nonetheless, the beach itself has yet to attain the kind of fame in the international circuit, as have  its counterparts in Bali or Lombok. This, of course, translates into fewer tourists and more surf to go round.

Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung
Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung (Source :

During the peak surfing months, which last from June to August, waves can reach up to six and even spectacular seven  meters in height and stretch for as long as 200 meters, making them a prime playground for surfers. Sticking to a true surfer’s lifestyle, these tides’ riders often stay up to two weeks during a single visit, craving for ever bigger and better waves.

Tanjung Setia also boasts a near virgin condition and some stunning natural beauty. Its soft white sandy beaches that stretch from shore to shore and breathtaking sunsets offer their own fascinating attractions next to the challenging waves. The shores of Tanjung Setia Beach are also decorated with lush palm trees that give it a picturesque landscape and relaxing ambience as one waits for the perfect waves.

Surfing in Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung
Surfing in Tanjung Setia Beach, Lampung (Source :

Far from the shorelines and raging waves, the seas off the coast of Tanjung Setia Beach await fishing enthusiasts to discover their rich treasures. From all the various collection of fish, the legendary Blue Marlin giant fish obviously outshines other catch. Locally known as Iwa Tuhuk, Blue Marlins here can weigh roughly between 50 to 70 Kilograms and measure up to 170 cm in length. The sensation of heaving in the reel in a fight against one of these deep sea beasts is an experience unmatched by any other.

The diving sites here are also legendary among dive aficionados, although nowhere near as popular as their counterparts in Manado or, again, in Bali.

Given its unspoilt beauty and strategically secluded location, the term hidden pearl suits this pristine beach most perfectly. Its indulging waters and challenging waves combined with relaxing un-crowded beaches make this a perfect destination both for adrenalin-pumping junkies and getaway seekers.


There are several hotels and modest inns you can find within the vicinity of West Lampung. Most of them are located in the district’s capital Liwa, and some are within the area of Tanjung Setia Beach. Here are a number of the accommodations you can find:

  • Hotel Jembar Manah, Address : Jalan Raya Pasar Liwa
  • Hotel Karang Nyimbor, Address : Jalan Raya Tanjung Setia, Pesisir Selatan, Biha
  • Hotel Permata, Address : Jalan Raya Way Mengaku, Liwa
  • Hotel Pesagi, Address: Jalan Raya Sebarus, Liwa
  • Wisma Sindalapai, Address: Jalan Raden Intan No.1 Liwa
  • Kepalas Losmen, Address: Krui

There are also several surf camps within the Tanjung Setia.

Surfing is obviously at the top of the priority list, here are some of the best surfing spots of the area:

Ujung Bocur

Often incorrectly referred to as Karang Nyimbor, and often compared to Uluwatu in Bali, Ujung Bocur is a long, consistent lefthander with alternating barrel and turn sections. On its day, it can provide fun barrels and long, fast 200m+ rides.

Way Jambu

Often referred to as ‘The Sumatran Pipeline’ by visiting surfers, or dubbed ‘absolute evil’ by local fishermen, Way Jambu offer experienced surfers the barrel of their lives.

Krui Reefs

The waves by the town of Krui require a pretty huge swell to get going, but once they do, be on them. The left is often compared to Bingin on Bali with a less consequential reef, while the right offers long rippable walls and the odd barrel. Whenever Ujung Bocur’s wares come in huge or the swell direction is just right, these waves are some of the best ever.


Jimmy’s is one of the areas premiere waves. If the wind is on or at side shore along Ujung or in Krui, cruise to Jimmy’s and enjoy either a long, hollow challenging left or a sucking, slightly less hollow right. Both break off at the headland facing an amazing stretch of white sand beach.

The Peak

The Peak is a short right tube that fizzles out into deep water. Drop in, get barreled, and repeat. Like the other Krui waves, one needs a big swell to get going. This is also popular with the body board crowd.


Located within the Tanjung Setia Village, Pesisir Selatan of the West Lampung district, this enchanting beach is situated some 52 kms away from the district’s Capital Liwa in the direction of Krui, and 273 kms or some 6-7 hours drive from the province’s capital Bandar lampung. If you wish to take public transportation you can take the Krui Putra bus from Rajabasa Terminal at Bandar lampung that passes through the Trans Sumatra Highway, and stops directly at Tanjung Setia Beach. The bus will charge around IDR 40,000 to IDR 50,000. Along the way, you will be presented with some of the stunning sceneries of Bukit Barisan Mountain ridge with slopes and winding turns on relatively smooth roads.

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