Tangkuban Perahu, Interesting Place in Bandung

Tangkuban Perahu means literally upturning of (a) boat or upturned boat in Sundanese (west java ethnic), referring to the local legend Sangkuriang and Dayang Sumbi. It’s said that the mountain is the cast away boat which kicked by Sangkuriang.

It is located around 30 km northern Bandung city between Sagalaherang village, Sagalaherang district, Subang regency and Cikole village, Lembang district, Bandung regency.

Tangkuban Perahu
Tangkuban Perahu (Source : nativeindonesia.com)

Tangkuban Perahu is a volcano with 3 crater named Kawah Ratu (Queen Crater), Kawah Domas (Domas Crater) and Kawah Upas (Upas Crater). Kawah Ratu is the biggest one and then Kawah Upas, which is located next to Kawah Ratu around 1,500 m distance from monitoring station. Kawah Upas is a shallow flatland crater with surrounded by wild plants. Tourist can go down to Kawah Domas, there is hot geyser where tourist can boil egg. Kawah Ratu and Kawah Upas are forbidden for tourist to go down because poisonous gases sometimes come up from the crater.

Queen Crater and Upas Crater
Queen Crater and Upas Crater (Source : gravity-adventure.com)

From main road you will enter the gate for paying admission fee IDR 55,000 (2016) to enter the location. The road to the crater is full of natural panoramic and the view of pine forest, one of the good spot for taking picture. The temperature will be quite cool at the park area of crater.

Around Tangkuban Perahu site also there are other interested places like Lembang and Ciater hot spring.

How to get there?

From Jakarta you can take directly to Bandung via Cipularang Toll highway heading to south about 150 km. Once you enter Bandung, take exit in Pasteur Toll gate. The distance from Pasteur Toll gate is around 18.4 km.

  • Head west on Jalan Tol Pasteur (3.9 km)
  • Take the exit toward Jalan HMS Mintareja Sarjana Hukum (0.3 km)
  • Turn left at Jalan HMS Mintareja Sarjana Hukum (0.2 km)
  • Partial toll road, slight left to merge onto Jalan Tol Pasteur  (5.0 km)
  • Continue on Jalan Dokter Djunjunan (1.6 km)
  • Turn left at Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto (0.4 km)
  • Continue on Jalan Sukajadi (2.5 km)
  • Slight left at Jalan Doktor Setiabudi  (2.2 km)
  • Turn left to stay on  Jalan Doktor Setiabudi  (0.6 km)
  • Continue on  Jalan Raya Lembang (5 km)
  • Turn left at  Jalan Manoko (50 m)
  • Slight right at Jalan Pasir Lapis (0.5 km)
  • Continue on Jalan Pasir Lapis (3.5 km), the destination will be on the right.

The distance from Jakarta is around 165 km

If you are from Bandung city, head north to Lembang by look for Jalan Doktor Setiabudi.

Alternate route from Jakarta you can take Purwakarta’s route via Cipularang Toll highway heading to south about 79 km. This route is shorter distance.

  • Take exit on to Jalan Tol Sadang gate
  • Turn right at Jalan Veteran, heading to Purwakarta to Jalan Jenderal Sudirman  (5.2 km)
  • Turn left at Jalan Kolonel Kornel Singawinata (1.2 km)
  • Turn left to at Jalan Kapten Halim and slightly turn left continue to Jalan Terusan Kapten Halim  (14.3 km)
  • Continue on Jalan Raya Sukadami and Jalan Wanasari  (7.6 km)
  • Turn left at Jalan Wanayasa (6.2 km)
  • Slightly turn left and becomes Jalan Raya Garokgek  (1.7 km)
  • Continue on Jalan Ciwahang and Jalan Raya Sagalaherang  (11.3 km)
  • Turn right at Jalan Palasari Dua – Babakan Gunung  (7.1 km)
  • Continue on Jalan Raya Ciater and Jalan T.Perahu (7.3 km)
  • Turn right to stay on Jalan T.Perahu and continue (3.5 km)
  • Turn right at Jalan Taman Wisata Alam T.Perahu (1.2 km)
  • Turn right at  Jalan Kehutanan and continue until the destination (3.1 km)

The distance from Jakarta is around 159 km.

Travel tips

  • Be careful around the crater because the smell of sulphur is quite strong.
  • Some peddlers and merchants can be quite pushy, so be firm refusing them if you do not want to.
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