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Bogor, a city in West Java province, has some tourist objects, and one of them is an interesting tourist object called Taman Safari Indonesia (Indonesia Safari Park). The park is exactly located in Cibeureum village, Cisarua sub-district, and it is an interesting place to visit.

There are many things for you to see in the park area. Besides its interesting landscape, the park presents to you a large collection of animals, among others are various primates, reptiles, elephants, lions, rhinoceros, deer, and horses. They are kept in the places that resemble their natural habitats in the wild. From inside your car, you can enjoy looking at the animals. The park also presents other things and facilities such as bird parks, animal education shows, horse and elephant rides, trek safaris, a huge wheel, baby zoo, wild wild west, caravans, and hotels.

Taman Safari Indonesia, Cisarua Bogor
Taman Safari Indonesia, Cisarua Bogor (Source : indonesia.travel)

The wild wild west show is something interesting to see. It is a show performed in an arena which has been set to resemble the western cowboy place. It is a show that is full of exciting cowboy attractions and it can be enjoyed free of charge every day. Every show takes place for fifteen minutes.

Besides all those things, there is also something called ‘baby zoo’. In this place you can take photos of you with a white lion, leopard, or orang utan.

Baby Zoo, Taman Safari Indonesia
Baby Zoo, Taman Safari Indonesia (Source : skyposts.wordpress.com)

Not long ago, Taman Safari Indonesia launched a new program called ‘elephant adventure’. Through the program, visitors are invited to ride on an elephant back. Riding the elephant, visitors can circle the park for almost an hour. To enjoy the ride, you are to pay Rp 50,000 per person. Four adults can ride on an elephant at a time. Guided by an elephant master, the elephant walks around the park nicely and freely like in its own natural habitat, so its riders can feel the ride excitement while enjoying the park panorama.

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