Island of Peucang

Ujung Kulon National Park : Home Of The Javanese Rhinos

In Banten, not too far away from the hustle and bustle of Jakarta lies the last home of the Javanese Rhinos. As you move through the dense rain forest you might be lucky enough to sight one of these extremely rare animals. They are solitary in their movements and only number slightly over 40 in[…]

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Panaitan island, Ujung Kulon

Surfing Paradise, The Panaitan Island

Panaitan Surfing Panaitan Island is part of Ujung Kulon National Park, West Java. The island is uninhabited and has a dense forest that becomes home to many animals such as deer, wild boar, monkey, python, birds, several species of crocodiles and giant lizards. However, some ancient Hindu statue which sits atop the Mount Raksa indicates[…]

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Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon, National Park On The Island Of Java

Ujung Kulon has a national park or “Taman Nasional Ujung Kulon” that is attractive to many tourists. It is located in the Banten province, the western-most part of Java. To get there from Jakarta it is a 90 minute drive through the toll road of Jakarta – Serang. The park has been known by researchers[…]

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Peucang island beach, Ujung Kulon National Park

Peucang Island, The Truly Secluded Paradise Of Ujung Kulon

Nestled within the Ujung Kulon National Park by the Panaitan Strait in the Pandeglang Regency, Peucang Island is truly a secluded paradise located at the most western edge of Java Island. Surrounded by a soft white sandy beach, clear blue waters, and enchanting coral reefs, Peucang promises serenity for whoever steps on its sands. Located in the province[…]

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Javan Rhinos, Ujung Kulon National Park

Ujung Kulon National Park : The World’s Most Pristine Natural Ecosystem

At the southwestern tip of Java Island, where the Sunda Strait, that divides the islands of Java and Sumatra, converge with the vast Indian Ocean, lies one of the world’s most pristine natural ecosystem and Indonesia’s prime national park: Ujung Kulon National Park. The national park is known as the last sanctuary of the critically endangered Javan[…]

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