The Nimanga river

Rafting Minahasa’s Challenging Ranoyapo And Nimanga River Rapids

Next to offering dives along the awesome deep sea walls at the Bunaken marine Park, the province of North Sulawesi also offers no less adrenaline-surging activities on land to lure those into extreme sports. The Ranoyapo and the Nimanga rivers offer most challenging grade 3 to 5-plus rapids that should only be ventured by experienced and professional rafting enthusiasts. The Ranoyapo is[…]

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Woloan Village, Tomohon

Woloan Village : The Village Of Great Carpenters

Some 3 km from west from the town of Tomohon, or about 28 km from Manado is the village called Woloan, which has become famous for its industry in traditional knock-down houses that can be transported and re-assembled anywhere in the world. These are not dolls houses or souvenirs, these are actual houses to live in. Orders have arrived[…]

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Tomohon Flower Festival

The Flower City Of Tomohon

Tomohon is a hill resort located some 22 kilometers east of Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi province.  Tomohon consists of 35 villages in five sub-districts, namely West, East, Central, South and North Tomohon. Its land contour, cool weather and fertile soil encourage the local community to cultivate various kinds of flowers and vegetables.[…]

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Lake Tondano, Tomohon

Lake Tondano, Famous Tourist Destination in North Sulawesi

Lake Tondano is a famous tourist destination in the province of North Sulawesi. It is located 600 meters above sea level and covers an area of 4,278 hectares (or about 10,571 acres). This lake is situated by the village of Remboken, some 3 kilometers from Tomohon city or some 30 km from Manado. Lake Tondano […]

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