Poya Lisa island in Togean

An Idyllic Little Poya Lisa Island in Togean National Park

Poya Lisa Island is an idyllic little island included in the area that makes up the Togean National Park in Central Sulawesi. Privately-owned and literally off-the-map, Poya Lisa is the perfect extreme getaway for complete relaxation and ultimate detachment from the hustle and bustle that is everyday city-life. Although relatively small and rarely mentioned, the natural beauty of the island[…]

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The Kadidiri island, Togean islands

Kadidiri Island, The Wealth Of The Coral Triangle

For dive fanatics, the name Kadidiri Island is a familiar leading destination in Indonesia, although it is as yet still little known outside the diving community. Located at the tip of the Gulf of Tomini in Central Sulawesi, Kadidiri is one of the islands in the Togean National Park that contains the wealth of the Coral Triangle. With white sand[…]

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The Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi

Togean Island, The Jewels Of Central Sulawesi

Togean Islands. A community – based ecotourism as well as in conserving the biodiversity. A bewildering array of tropical rain forest covered six islands formed by volcanic activity. Situated in the vicinity of equator. This enchanting archipelago is one of the jewels of Central Sulawesi. Stunning reefs, small isolated white sandy beaches, traditional fishermen village[…]

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