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Thousand Islands, Welcome To The Land Of 1.000 Islands

Welcome to the land of 1.000 islands, well actually 110 to be exact but this does not make for such an alluring name. Thousand Islands lies north of Jakarta and is actually a protected National Marine Park of 11,000 square km. It takes around 45 minutes to 3 hours to reach the Islands from Ancol[…]

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The Best Islands Of Indonesia Archipelago

ISLANDS 1. SERIBU ISLANDS (DKI Jakarta) It is about 45-47 km from North Jakarta and Natural Resources Council of Bogor manages it. The Thousand Islands (Kepulauan Seribu) has 99 islands altogether. On March – August are the best times to visit these lovely islands. It is the perfect places to make a nature exploration, dive,[…]

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Pari island, Thousand islands

Exploring Underwater Of Pari Island

“Pari island’s western coasts include five smaller islands, namely: Gudus Island (Pulau Gudus), Middle Island (Pulau Tengah), Beautiful Bird Island (Pulau Burung Indah), Partnership Island (Pulau Kongsi) and Rat Island (Pulau Tikus). The island-clustered lagoon that promises panoramic views is best explored by snorkeling or simply walking along the coasts of clean, white sandy beaches.”[…]

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Pramuka island, Jakarta

Pramuka Island, A Beautiful Island in The Middle Of The Thousand Islands

Pulau Pramuka is a beautiful island in the middle of the Thousand Islands Marine National Park in the Bay of Jakarta located further off into the Java Sea. This cluster includes Pulau Tidung, Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Ayer and others. Pramuka also acts as the central administration for the whole Thousand Islands District. It has an area of approximately 9 acres and[…]

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Tidung island, Jakarta

Pulau Tidung, Weekend Get-away in Jakarta’s Thousand Islands

Living in the city of Jakarta, or any large metropolis for that matter, it’s easy to spend your weekends or holidays by just defaulting to what you always do, simply because you always do it. Go to the mall, go shopping, hang out in the café, or maybe catch a movie in the cinema. All[…]

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Bidadari island, Jakarta

Bidadari Island : Beautiful, White Sand, And Crystal Clear Sea Water

Pulau Bidadari (or the Island of Angels) is one of the many charming islands in the Thousand Islands Marine National Park in the Bay of Jakarta, which also comprise Pulau Tidung and Pulau Pramuka. This beautiful island, formerly known as Pulau Sakit, is located close to the capital city, approximately 15 kilometers (or 20 minutes) away by speedboat. Pulau Bidadari lies[…]

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Paradiso Islands, The Thousand Islands

Paradiso Island, The Paradise Of The Thousand Islands

Paradiso is a resort consisting of four isles within Thousand Islands, Jakarta: Kahyangan, Bidadari, Onrust and Kelor. All of them offers spectacular views of both the forest and sea. The name Paradiso indeed comes from Paradise, for Kahyangan in Indonesian means Heaven in English, and Bidadari means Angel. ACTIVITIES TO EAT If you stay at Bidadari[…]

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The Thousand Islands or Kepulauan Seribu

The Thousand Islands, A Marine Nature Conservation Area

As your plane slowly descends for its approach to Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta international airport, you can see a large number of large and small islands dotting the sea in the Bay of Jakarta. These are known as the Thousand Islands, or Kepulauan Seribu. In fact they are a cluster of 76 coral islands with more appearing[…]

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