The Tolire Lake, Ternate

A Brilliantly Blue Volcanic Lake, Tolire Lake

A brilliantly blue volcanic lake, Tolire Lake is set in a crater at the foot of Mount Gamalama, on the island of Ternate, North Maluku Province. The Lake is comprised of two lakes, roughly 200 meters apart: Tolire Lamo, The Greater Tolire Lake, and Tolire Ici, the Small Tolire. The Great Lake is almost perfectly round, somewhat resembling a giant pan. Its mystical[…]

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Sultan of Ternate Kedaton Museum

Memorial Museum Of The Sultanate Of Ternate

The Sultan of Ternate Kedaton Museum is a center to discover the splendor of the royal legacy of the Sultanate of Ternate. Located in the Village of Sao Sio, Ternate District, North Maluku, the Sultan of Ternate Kedaton Memorial Museum displays a large collection of objects from the Sultanate of Ternate era and throughout the time of the arrival[…]

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The town of Ternate, North Maluku

The Small Islands Of Ternate And Tidore in The Moluccas

Since early in the last millennium, the small islands of Ternate and Tidore in the Moluccas were the only source for cloves in the world. Indian, Arab, Chinese and Javanese merchants used to call on these islands to carry home this precious cargo which sold at exorbitant prices in Europe and the Orient. Cloves, together[…]

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Maitara and Tidore volcanoes are among the most famous volcanic peaks in Indonesia and feature on the 1,000-rupiah note.

Ternate : The Spice Islands

Chinese, Portuguese, Spanish, Dutch and British all came to Ternate, driven by an all-pervading hunger to control the Spice Islands. Thanks to its fragrant treasure this tiny volcanic island once rose to become the most important city in Indonesia. (Words & Images by Mark Eveleigh) It’s one of the most famous views in the country,[…]

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