The city of Tarakan

Tarakan, The Marshy Island in The Celebes Sea

The area of North Kalimantan that borders directly onto the neighboring country of Malaysia was once part of the East Kalimantan Province until it was officially established as a separate province on 25th October 2012. While the young province that has Tanjung Selor as capital city may not be as familiar to most ears as Indonesia’s other provinces, it holds[…]

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The Bekantan and Mangrove Conservation Park

The Bekantan And Mangrove Conservation Park, Tarakan

A mere 1 km from the city center of Tarakan in the province of North Kalimantan, and just along the highway out of the city is the Bekantan and Mangrove Conservation Park (Kawasan Konservasi Mangrove dan Bekantan – KKMB), which has as its chief inhabitants a large family of proboscis monkeys, called Bekantan. These long nosed and large bellied[…]

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