Taman Safari Indonesia, Bogor

Trip To Safari Garden Cisarua

Taman Safari or Safari Garden is a conservation place for animal and plant where animals from all continents roam freely in this 35-hectare park. It is also functioned as drive thru zoo and amusement park. Located in Raya Puncak Street number 106 Cibeureum village, Cisarua – Bogor, West Java province. Safari garden opens daily from[…]

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The Real Safari Adventure, Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia : The Most Famous Site For Foreign Tourists

If you like to observe wild animals like tigers, lions and crocodiles in their native habitat, then Taman Safari Indonesia is just for you. Taman Safari Indonesia or the Indonesian Safari Park is a conservation center as well as a modern zoological garden with various collections of flora and fauna. In this Park, you will[…]

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