The mosque of Sunan Ampel, Surabaya

The Ampel Mosque And The Tomb Of Sunan Ampel, East Java

Among the grand mosques in East Java, the mosque of Sunan Ampel in Surabaya is the most significant after the Great Mosque of Surabaya. Right next to the Ampel mosque is the tomb of one of Java’s early missionaries, the holy Sunan Ampel who passed away in 1481. Surrounding the mosque is Surabaya’s Arab town where the largest[…]

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Bajang Ratu gate, The relics of the kingdom of Java Majapahit in Trowulan

Trowulan, Seat Of The Great Majapahit Kingdom

Over 700 years ago, there stood a great empire, its capital located on the island of Java. An empire so vast and strong, it covered most of Southeast Asia, and stood for hundreds of years. An empire we learn of in history books, yet whose greatness we cannot quite fathom. Little physical evidence of this[…]

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Tugu Pahlawan or The Heroes Monument, Surabaya

Surabaya, The City of Heroes, Capital City Of East Java

This big thriving city is the crowded capital of East Java. Home to many of the nation’s fiercest independence fighters, the city is known to locals as Kota Pahlawan (City of Heroes) and around the city you will see scatered statues commemorating many heroes of the independence movement. Historically this city used to be the[…]

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Gunung Bromo or Mount Bromo

Mount Bromo : The Stunning Beauty Mountain in Java

Located some 4 hours drive from Surabaya, the capital of East Java, Mount Bromo is a part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park that covers a massive area of 800 square kilometres. While it may be small when measured against other volcanoes in Indonesia, the magnificent Mt Bromo will not disappoint with its spectacular views and dramatic[…]

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Malin Kundang legend tells of a child who is disobedient to his mother and is therefore doomed to stone.

Indonesia : Myths And Legends

Tales, folklores, myths and legends – the rich fables that layer the foundation of the mystical aura that is Indonesia makes the archipelagic nation even more unique. Indonesia is a land of mystic legends and harrowingmyths with stories gathered from all corners of the majestic land, carried through generations after generations, untouched by time. Behind every intricately woven tale lies[…]

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