The villages of Tarung and Waitabar, Sumba

Great Place To Visit : Tarung and Waitabar Villages

In the heart of the expanding city of Waikabubak on the island of Sumba, clumps of straw can be seen peeking out of fences on the top of a hill. There, people in the village still hold steadfast to their old religion and traditions that have been taught them through the centuries by their ancestors. The town of Waikabubak,[…]

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The Mananga Aba Beach, Sumba

Mananga Aba Beach On The Island Of Sumba

As evening slowly descends, watch in awe as spectacular colors sweep over the sky before the sun disappears on the horizon in the west. Next morning wake up to the first rays of dawn as the sun appears in the east of this beach and warms the translucent blue sea. This is Mananga Aba Beach on the[…]

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Pasola Festival in West Sumba

The Island Of Sumba in The Province Of East Nusa Tenggara

Facing the wide Indian Ocean, the island of Sumba in the province of East Nusa Tenggara is a surfer’s paradise. The large rolling Sumba barrels usually appear between May through October when waves can be either very high and strong or very flat as breaks are directly exposed to wide open ocean swells. This kind[…]

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