Weh island, Sabang

Weh Island, The Untouched Piece Of Indonesian Paradise

Pulau Weh or Weh Island is located on the northern most point of the Indonesian Archipelago. Due to its remoteness you can safely presume that Weh Island is an untouched piece of Indonesian paradise. The island is in the shape of a horseshoe and the main town of Sabang is where most of the locals[…]

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Siberut island, Mentawai islands

The Amazing Mentawai Islands in Sumatra

Mentawai Islands, Take half a million years of isolation then drop some settlers on this 190,500 hectare island and leave to develop in its own special way. This is what exactly has happened on the Mentawai islands. This is not a step back in time, this is virtual jump back in time and a step[…]

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Mentawai tribe

Sumatra or Sumatera, The Sixth Largest Island in The World

Sumatra is the place to go if you want adventure – guaranteed. While it is true you won’t be met with the pointed spears of scantily clad natives who have a mind to serve you up for dinner, as the explorers of yesteryear were, and it’s also true that the lush rainforest is but a[…]

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Alif Stone Park

Exploring Natuna, The Beauty Of The North

Natuna Islands are located at the northern end of Karimata Strait. They are an exceptional marine potential with a charming landscape. Life in Natuna Islands carries on as usual. Fishermen go to the sea at night and bring back their catch of fish in wave after wave when the sun rises. They know about the[…]

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Tabot Ceremony, Bengkulu

Tabot Ceremony, The Famoust Festival in Bengkulu

In a pluralistic society, the differences in point of view toward phenomena and events are something that cannot be avoided, especially when they are related to individual sentiment or group interests. It also happens regarding the Tabot ritual. Apart from the phenomenon that Tabot is a tourism icon of Bengkulu, some people describe it as[…]

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The Bengkulu Museum

The Historical Of Bengkulu Museum

Where is your next destination for a vacation? Why don’t you travel to indonesia? There are many provinces that you can visit. For instance, there’s Bengkulu. It’s situated on the Southwest coastline of Sumatra Island. In the past, the city became a garrison and trading spot for foreigners. Bengkulu was affected much by the British.[…]

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The Thomas Parr Monument, Bengkulu

Thomas Parr Monument in Bengkulu

The Thomas Parr Monument (Indonesian: Tugu Thomas Parr) is a monument located in Bengkulu, Bengkulu, Indonesia and dedicated to Thomas Parr, the British Resident of Bengkulu who was killed in 1807. Constructed the year after his death, it is considered a cultural property of Indonesia. Location The Thomas Parr Monument is located along Ahmad Yani[…]

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Kencana Lepus, Lampung

Kencana Lepus : Lampung’s Authentic Traditional House

At a glance, one may not notice anything special about the house at Jalan Diponegoro No 56, in the Sukadana Village, of East Lampung Regency, Lampung province. However, the black painted house is actually one of Lampung’s authentic traditional houses which has been designated as a cultural reserve featuring collections and information on the cultural history of[…]

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Thay Hin Bio, The Oldest Chinese Temple in Teluk Betung, Lampung

Bandar Lampung is a pleasant and quiet city, priding itself in picturesque bay views, tasty, authentic dishes and good-natured inhabitants of an amiable culture. It is the capital city of Lampung, the most densely populated province in Sumatra with about 7.5 million people calling the place home. Although those of Chinese ancestry represent just a small[…]

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The Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort Is A Perfect Place To Visit Lampung

More familiarly known as the Kalianda Resort, the Grand Elty Krakatoa Resort is a perfect place to visit Lampung with your family or friends. Located on the Trans Sumatra highway at Km 45, the resort is situated  at Merak Belantung, Kalianda, in the  South Lampung Regency. Directly facing the Sunda Strait, overlooking the stunning  Krakatau Islands National Park, – viewed from the Sumatra side – the resort offers spellbinding scenery of a tropical coast complete with  indulging[…]

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Lampung Museum

Lampung Museum, The Only Museum in Lampung Province

Lampung Museum is the only museum in Lampung Province, the southernmost province on the island of Sumatra, as well as a significant monument amongst the Lampung community. It is strategically located just 15 minutes from the heart of Lampung’s capital city, Bandar Lampung. With the use of Lampung’s distinct architectural style, the museum is a path to retracing the[…]

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Sebuku island, Lampung

Sebuku And Sebesi Islands, Mount Krakatau

Sebuku Island is one of the largest islands in the Sunda Strait, the path of water that runs between the islands of Java and Sumatra. Located close to the Krakatau volcano, the panoramic view of sandy white beaches against gentle rolling waves of the turquoise sea and the backdrop of a smoking volcano in the distance are a feast for[…]

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Lembah Hijau, Lampung

The Favorite Recreational Spot in Lampung, Lembah Hijau

Since it’s opening in August 2006, Lembah Hijau has become a favorite recreational spot amongst both the residents of the city and visitors to the area. Lembah Hijau, or Green Valley, is an all-in-one center for education, recreation, fun and entertainment. Covering 30 hectares, Lembah Hijau includes a range of facilities, offering a wide variety of activities[…]

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Kiluan Bay

Kiluan Bay, Amazing Real Life Dolphins

Many of us have seen real life dolphins, whether in zoos, aquariums, or animal shows, but watching schools of dolphins darting across the open sea, or swimming merrily alongside your boat is an entirely different experience altogether. The herds of wild dolphins diving freely beneath the crystal sea, coupled with sandy white beaches against a[…]

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Walur beach, Lampung province

Walur Beach : Picturesque Beach With Vast Stretches Of White Sand

Situated on the west coast of Lampung near the town of Krui, beyond the dense  forests of the Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park, you will find Walur Beach, a picturesque beach with vast stretches of white sand directly facing the open Indian Ocean. The beach is located at Walur Village, Pesisir Tengah district, Pesisir Barat Regency, in the province of Lampung. Walur Beach is,[…]

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