The Mangkunegaran Palace, Solo

The Mangkunegaran Palace, The Royal City Of Solo

Standing in the northern part of the royal city of Solo in Central Java is the Mangkunegaran Palace, an exquisite representation of Javanese valor and determination against injustice, oppression and colonialsm. The palace is known as puri or pura (pronounced as “puro” in Javanese) and not the usual Javanese term “Keraton” for a palace, since politically it was not that of the ruling house, but[…]

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Solo Surakarta, Central Java

Solo Surakarta : The Sights And Sounds Of Ancient Javanese Culture

Famous as a city that is fiercely proud of its Javanese traditions, the regal city of Solo or Surakarta is known throughout Indonesia as a strong upholder of Javanese culture. A visit here is a chance to connect with and take in the sights and sounds of ancient Javanese culture. You’ll need at least a[…]

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Fossil museum at Java Man site, Sangiran

Sangiran, The Story Of Java Man

Have you ever wondered what humans looked like millions of years ago? Take a trip back in time and make the journey to Sangiran, home of the Java man to find out. The story of Java Man begins over a century ago. In 1890, a Dutch military physician and paleontologist Eugene Dubois discovered a fossilized[…]

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Museum of Batik Danar Hadi, Solo

Danar Hadi Museum, The Museum Of Batik

The passion of H. Santosa Doellah for preserving Batik, trigger the idea of building a museum of batik. As one of the Cultural identities, batik is an insperable part of the city of Surakarta – or popularly known as Solo. Batik crafts-starting from home industries to giant professional manufacturers – are a common sight in[…]

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