Tunda island, Banten

Banten’s Secluded Tunda Island

While prime destinations in the province of Banten such as the Ujung Kulon National Park, Tanjung Lesung Resort, and the Old Banten Complex may already be wellknown among domestic and international tourists, this province still has plenty of astonishing attractions, secluded form popular spotlights. One of such fascinating hidden treasures is Tunda Island off the northern coast of Banten Bay. Located administratively within the Serang Regency, Tunda Island is an enchanting little[…]

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The old Banten complex

Capital Of Banten Province, Serang City

Once part of the province of West Java, Banten was officially established as its own province in the year 2000. Located at the westernmost part on the island of Java, Banten may be a young province, but it holds spectacular natural and cultural wonders that have attracted travelers for quite a long time. Capital of[…]

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Great Mosque of Banten

The Grand Mosque And The Old Banten Complex

Founded in 16th Century, the Banten Sultanate was once a thriving Islamic kingdom and one of the most prominent trading centers in Southeast Asia. In its heydays, merchants from China, India, Turkey, England, Portugal and the Netherlands were frequent visitors to the Banten harbor. Spices, silk, Chinese ceramics, gold, jewelry and other Asian goods attracted European merchants. Banten[…]

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