Pecinan, The Chinatown of Semarang

Pecinan, The Exotic Semarang’s Chinatown

Semarang, capital city of Central Java Province, is a city blessed with a fantastic atmosphere of diverse cultural heritage from those who played their part in its precious history. The European touch of the Dutch colonial era are carved in the buildings in the Oudstadt (the Old City) complex, while the Middle East and Gujarat culture radiate strongly in[…]

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The statues of Chinese soldiers stand bravely, Sam Poo Kong temple

The Sam Poo Kong Temple Of Semarang

The Sam Poo Kong Temple, also known as Gedung Batu (the Stone Building) is the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang, capital of the province of Central Java. Unlike most temples, the building does not belong to any specific religion, but rather functions as a place of worship for people of various ethnicities and religious groups[…]

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Lawang Sewu or The thousand doors building, Semarang

The Historical Landmark Of Lawang Sewu

Abandoned and antique buildings have a tendency to inspire stories. Legends, Myths, Haunted tales of the building’s origin, its owners and builders. Indonesia as a whole is home to numerous historical and mystical buildings, many antique and dating back hundreds of years. One such building is Lawang Sewu which was built by the Dutch between the years[…]

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Montage of Semarang, Central Java

The Capital City Of Central Java, Semarang

The city of Semarang, capital of the province of Central Java, sits precisely in the center of the northern seaboard of the fertile and densely populated island of Java. In the 15th century the Chinese emperor’s emissary Zheng He, otherwise known here as Admiral Cheng Ho, set foot here on Java, its auspicious occasion commemorated in the temple of Gedung[…]

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Visit Central Java

The Wonderful Of Central Java

History has left its footprints across Central Java, an area rich in culture and tradition descending from a powerful Hindu and Buddhist past, and more recent Islamic influences. Due to its colorful past, Central Java has become the place it is today — a beautiful area full of modern amenities yet still retaining its tranquility[…]

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