Batu Parsidangan

Huta Siallagan : The Ancient Batak Village on Samosir Island

Situated inside the present Ambarita Village in the Simanindo District on Samosir Island, North Sumatra Province, is Huta Siallagan, an ancient village which strongly radiates the unique culture of the Batak ethnic group, set amidst  the dramatic beauty of magnificent Lake Toba. In the local language, Huta literary means settlement or village, therefore, Huta Siallagan means the Village of Siallagan.[…]

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Jangga Village, North Sumatra

Jangga Village : Discover Living Culture

Come and experience traditional Batak life in a village that remains largely untouched by the modern world. Located in the picturesque hillside, visitors come to Jangga village to meet native Batak people and see how their unique culture continues to thrive today. Jangga is most famous for the beautiful ulos cloths which are produced here.[…]

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