Diving in Raja Ampat

Travel To Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat means the Four Kings. Why the Four Kings well the myth tells us that there was a woman who found 7 eggs, 4 eggs hatched and out popped four princess who were separated and each became a powerful king in Waigeo, Salawati, Misool East and Misool West. The other 3 eggs turned into[…]

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Raja Ampat Misool Eco Resort, West Papua

Misool Eco Resort, The Dive Resort Of Raja Ampat

One of Raja Ampat accommodation is Misool Eco Resort, located in a private resort island, Batbitim, a white sandy beaches island with clear lagoon dan abundant reefs, in southern Raja Ampat Archipelago, about 4 hours away by speedboat from Sorong. Well, after you arrive in Sorong, Misool Eco Resort has provided Marandan, a brand new[…]

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Misool Island, Raja Ampat

West Papua Diving Sites

Papua island is a hot and humid island. Rising from the sea with the most impenetrable jungles in the world and also has snowcaps covering 5,000 meters – Jayawijaya Mountain peaks, towering over glacier lakes. Western side of the island is a part of Indonesia and the eastern side is an independent country, Papua New[…]

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Sorido Bay Resort, Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat Hotel And Resort, Sorido Bay Resort

Sorido Bay Resort is a Raja Ampat hotel and resort, only meters away from the world’s most famous dive-site Cape Kri, where Dr. Gerry Allen recorded 283 different species of fish in one dive and made Cape Kri as the richest house reef dive site in the world. Nestled in the lush green Papuan jungle[…]

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Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat

Kri Eco, Beautiful Resort Of Raja Ampat Islands

Simple but comfortable, that is Kri Eco Resort Raja Ampat in the Kri Island, approximately 90 minutes by boat from Sorong, on the north-western tip of West Papua, Indonesia. White sandy beach, mountainous Kri Island and the singing of bird, make it surrounded by pristine nature. All of the guests are really like for its[…]

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The Kofiau island in Raja Ampat

Kofiau Island in Raja Ampat : A Diver’s Paradise

” … when you finally see what goes on underwater, you realize that you’ve been missing the whole point of the ocean. Staying on the surface all the time is like going to the circus and staring at the outside of the tent. ”  – Dave Barry Off the northwest tip of Bird’s Head Peninsula on the[…]

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Misool island, Raja Ampat

Misool Island, The Fascinating Dive Resort in Raja Ampat

Misool Island is a remote, tropical hideaway, one of four largest islands in the Raja Ampat archipelago, world renowned dive destination in the province of West Papua. Located off the west coast of the main island of Papua, directly bordering the Seram Sea, the waters are a veritable traffic lane for many large sea creatures, including whales. The crystal[…]

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Waigeo island, Raja Ampat

Wonderful Island Of Waigeo, Raja Ampat

Among the wonderful Raja Ampat Islands, Waigeo is the largest of the archipelago’s four main islands. Waigeo is also known as Amberi, or Waigiu, located in the West Papua province near the town of Sorong. The three other largest islands in this cluster are Salawati, Batanta and Misool. On Waigeo is the town of Wasai, capital of the Raja Ampat regency, located in the west of[…]

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Raja Ampat archipelago, West papua

Raja Ampat Marine Park

The roaring engines fixed to a large wooden boat are finally quiet. Nothing can be heard but the rifting little waves, lapping against the vibrant paint on the sides of the vessel that gracefully slows down. Native birds hop on the tip of a small tree in one of the deserted islands in the distance.[…]

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Raja Ampat Islands

Raja Ampat Islands : One Of The 10 Best Dive Sites in The World

Maybe most of you have never heard the name of the Raja Ampat Islands. But if you have a hobby of diving, then perhaps you’ve heard the name of the Raja Ampat Islands, or even been familiar. Well, according to various sources, the area of Raja Ampat Islands is one of the 10 best dive[…]

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Komodo dragons

7 Nature Wonders Of Indonesia

Lake Toba Located in North Sumatra province, Lake Toba is the largest lake in Indonesia and Southeast Asia. It has a length of 100 kilometers and 30 kilometers wide. Lake Toba is a volcanic lake and in the middle of the lake, there is a volcanic island named the island of Samosir. Lake Toba explosion[…]

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