Tandem glide, Paragliding on Puncak

Paragliding Down Scenic Tea Plantations From Puncak

The scenic and fertile mountain stretch between the Salak, Gede and Pangrango volcanoes near the town of Bogor has long been the favored resort since Dutch colonial times. Puncak or the Peak is the highest point on this scenic route that takes one from the capital city, Jakarta to Bandung, before the road slopes down into the interior of West[…]

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The Cipanas Palace

Puncak – Cibodas – Cipanas : The Favorite Destinations To Spend The Weekend

“Puncak” – meaning “the Peak”, has been known ever since Dutch colonial days as the mountain resort for Jakarta’s inhabitants to breathe in fresh mountain air over the weekend. With its grand vistas facing the volcanic peaks of Salak, Gede and Pangrango, here is where Jakarta’s rich build their out of town bungalows atop hills overlooking green[…]

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The Real Safari Adventure, Taman Safari Indonesia

Taman Safari Indonesia : The Most Famous Site For Foreign Tourists

If you like to observe wild animals like tigers, lions and crocodiles in their native habitat, then Taman Safari Indonesia is just for you. Taman Safari Indonesia or the Indonesian Safari Park is a conservation center as well as a modern zoological garden with various collections of flora and fauna. In this Park, you will[…]

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