Surf in the beach of Pelabuhan Ratu

Pelabuhan Ratu Beach, The Lovely Holiday Resort

Pelabuhan Ratu means Seaport of the Queen, the name is correlated with myths tell about the legendary Queen of the South Sea named Nyai Roro Kidul. Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java is located in a wide bay, which has had the name ‘Wijnkoopsbaai’. This place believed by Javanese locals as the bay of the harbor of[…]

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The Cisolok Hot Spring Water

Cisolok Hot Spring Water, Pelabuhan Ratu

Cisolok is located about 15 kilometers westward from Pelabuhan Ratu. Pelabuhan Ratu is about 130 kilometers away from Jakarta. Cisolok’s hot spring water is unique, for it is located near the beach. When you have reached Cisolok hot spring water area, you’ll then proceed to a bridge, on foot. River with strong currents flow freely[…]

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West Java, The Enchanting Land Of Sunda

West Java surrounds the nation’s capital of Jakarta on three sides, and good roads provide links to most of the province, passing through rugged mountains, iridescent paddy fields and along pastoral stretches of palm-fringed coastline. There are a number of popular resorts on the western and southern coasts with modern hotels and extensive facilities, favourite[…]

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Surfing at Cimaja beach, Pelabuhan Ratu

Surfing At Cimaja Beach, Pelabuhan Ratu

The Pelabuhan Ratu area, a favorite weekend surfing destination for expatriates and a growing number of Indonesian surfers based in Jakarta, is the most crowded of West Java‘s surfing grounds due to sheer ease of accessibility. Most of the surf pounded beaches in the Pelabuhan Ratu resort area-also called Samudra Beach are just that: pure[…]

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