Siak Indrapura Palace

Siak Sri Indrapura, Seat Of Once Great Malay Maritime Kingdom

The town of Siak Sri Indrapura at the mouth of the Siak river was once the seat of a great Malay kingdom that from 1723 to 1946 held sway over the seas around the entrance of the Malacca Straits all the way to Sambas in present-day, West Kalimantan. The Siak Sri Indrapura kingdom was founded in 1723[…]

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Riau culture or Malay culture

Riau, The Homeland Of Malays

Riau, which includes a large part of East Sumatra, is homeland to Malays and the source of Indonesians Malay-based national language. The first book of Malay grammar, called Bustanul Katibin, was written and published here in 1857. Pekanbaru became the provincial capital in 1959, taking over from the former capital of Tanjungpinang on the Island[…]

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