North Sulawesi tourism

Quick Trip To North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi is the place to head to if you want palm fringed beaches, white sand, crystal clear waters, volcanic peaks and some of the best diving Indonesia has to offer. Most people will arrive in North Sulawesi through Manado international airport. This airport serves, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Davo in the Phillipines and of course[…]

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The city of Manado, North Sulawesi

Manado, The Famous City Of Sulawesi

Manado is situated on the Northern tip of Sulawesi and visitors here are usually in search of the perfect dive around the island of Bunaken, which is located just 8 km off the coast of Manado. Most people arrive here through the airport Sam Ratulangi, it is served very well by all major airports in[…]

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Liveaboard boat

Diving Liveaboard Trips : Lembeh, North Sulawesi

Sulawesi, or also known as Celebes, an island in Indonesia. Sulawesi still has many natural and original forests, and thus also with the sea. These makes the island of Sulawesi become eligible for diving liveaboards trips. Have you heard Bunaken, one of the most beautiful dive site in the world? Well, Bunaken is very attractive[…]

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Bunaken Marine Park, Manado

Scuba Diving in Bunaken, Manado

If you like scuba-diving and snorkeling, try visiting Bunaken island. The island covers an area of 8.08 square kilometers and is located in the Manado bay. The bay is in Manado, the capital city of North Sulawesi province. Bunaken island has a tourist object called Bunaken Marine Park that is part of the Bunaken National[…]

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Mount Dua Saudara from Bitung harbour

Hiking Up Mount Dua Saudara

Upon arrival in the town of Bitung in North Sulawesi,  you will be greeted by a beautiful mountain with a twin peak called Mt. Dua Sudara (often also written Mt. Dua Saudara), meaning : the two brothers. This extinct volcano is located some 12 km from Bitung, east of Mt. Klabat and faces the Tangkoko Batuangus Nature Reserve at Madidir[…]

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Diving in Lembeh strait

The Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi

The Lembeh Strait in North Sulawesi is world famous for its wonderful, photogenic underwater critters. In fact, the Strait is only a long and narrow strip that separates the mainland from the Lembeh island. But look closer and dive into its blue waters and discover a completely different world filled with fascinating and most colorful[…]

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The Tarsius monkey, Tandurusa Zoological Park

Tandurusa Zoological Gardens in The City Of Bitung

If you wish to see Sulawesi’s many strange animals, like the cute little tarsiers, the maleo birds, macaques and others, but do not have the time nor the patience to hike into the forests, then your answer must surely be a visit to the Tandurusa Zoological Gardens in the city of Bitung, the harbor city of Manado, capital of North Sulawesi[…]

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Bitung harbour, North Sulawesi

The Port City Of Bitung in Manado

On the north eastern peninsula of the island of Sulawesi that forms the Province of North Sulawesi, lies the port of Bitung facing the Moluccas Strait. This is  the harbour of Manado that has lately made rapid strides in development. The name Bitung refers to the lines of vegetation decorating its coastline but another source says that the name[…]

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The Nimanga river

Rafting Minahasa’s Challenging Ranoyapo And Nimanga River Rapids

Next to offering dives along the awesome deep sea walls at the Bunaken marine Park, the province of North Sulawesi also offers no less adrenaline-surging activities on land to lure those into extreme sports. The Ranoyapo and the Nimanga rivers offer most challenging grade 3 to 5-plus rapids that should only be ventured by experienced and professional rafting enthusiasts. The Ranoyapo is[…]

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Woloan Village, Tomohon

Woloan Village : The Village Of Great Carpenters

Some 3 km from west from the town of Tomohon, or about 28 km from Manado is the village called Woloan, which has become famous for its industry in traditional knock-down houses that can be transported and re-assembled anywhere in the world. These are not dolls houses or souvenirs, these are actual houses to live in. Orders have arrived[…]

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Manado Convention Center

Manado, New International Conventions And Exhibitions Venue

Manado, the second largest city on the island of Sulawesi after Makassar, it is the capital of the province of North Sulawesi. This city is one of a kind in Indonesia with its stunning underwater landscape and great mountain panorama. The local people are known for their warm hospitality as well as for the mouth-watering cuisine[…]

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The city of Manado, North Sulawesi

Upbeat Manado

People are Manado’s best asset. Manadonese are extroverts, warm and happy-go-lucky, drawing visitors naturally into the big family circle. Aptly, the city’s slogan is “Torang Samua Basudara”, meaning:” we are all one family”. No one here is allowed to feel lonely. Manado is the largest, most-northerly city in Indonesia, capital of the province of North[…]

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Snorkeling activity, Manado Tua island

Manado Tua Island, Bunaken Marine National Park

Manado Tua — or Old Manado — island, together with the islands of Bunaken, Siladen, Mantehage and Nain form the Bunaken-Manado Tua Marine National Park. The Park lies just off shore from the city of Manado, capital of the province of North Sulawesi, site of the first World Ocean Conference 2009 which held in May.[…]

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Diving in Bunaken

Diving Experience in Celebes

Bunaken is one of the most spectacular spots for diving and admiring marine life. Other places nearby are also ranked among the favorites by locals and international tourists. Located near Sulawesi or Celebes, Indonesia, Bunaken, Manado Tua, Siladen Island, Lembeh Strait are perfect destinations for amateur and professional divers. ACTIVITIES TO DO Diving, swimming, snorkeling.[…]

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