The National Museum of Indonesia

The National Museum Of Indonesia

The National Museum is also known as the Elephant Museum or Elephant Building, Gedung Gajah. This name has developed from the little bronze elephant statue in the forecourt of the building. The Museum holds treasures from all of Indonesia’s territories and here they are preserved for all to see. Beyond just holding valuable artifacts this collection really[…]

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National Monument Monas. Merdeka Square, Jakarta

Monas, The Historical Monument

In Indonesia, the national monument named Monas (Monumen Nasional) or Tugu (tower) Monas. It is located in central Jakarta, at the north of Lapangan Medan Merdeka. The monument was built in President Soekarno era, start to build in August 1959 by architect Soedarsono and Frederich Silaban with Rooseno as a consultant until officially finished in[…]

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National Monument, The Symbol of Jakarta

The Landmark Of Indonesian Capital, The National Monument

The main Sudirman-Thamrin avenues in Jakarta lead to the Merdeka Square, where in its center stands the National Monument (also known as Monas–Monumen Nasional) which houses the first red-and-white flag flown at the Proclamation of Independence on 17 August 1945. This flag has now become threadbare, and so nowadays on Independence Day ceremonies, the original[…]

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