The Bengkulu Museum

The Historical Of Bengkulu Museum

Where is your next destination for a vacation? Why don’t you travel to indonesia? There are many provinces that you can visit. For instance, there’s Bengkulu. It’s situated on the Southwest coastline of Sumatra Island. In the past, the city became a garrison and trading spot for foreigners. Bengkulu was affected much by the British.[…]

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The North Sulawesi State Museum, Indonesia

Museum Of North Sulawesi Province

This museum was built so as to document everything related with local culture, history and arts in North Sulawesi Province. Therefore, this museum has a complete collection of 10 categories e.g., geology, biology, ethnography, archeology, history, numismatics, philology, ceramology, arts and technology. This state-own museum was officially opened on 9 January 1991 and up to[…]

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Inside the Benteng Heritage Museum

Benteng Heritage Museum : The Traditional Chinese Hokkien Heritage

For those interested in the diaspora of the Chinese and how and when they settled in Indonesia should visit the small Benteng Heritage Museum in Tangerang, on the outskirts west of Jakarta. The Benteng Chinese community by the Cisadane river belong to one of the first Chinese settlers in Indonesia, who intermarried and integrated with the local[…]

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