The Wasur National Park

Merauke, The Gateway To The Great Savannas Of Indonesia

Merauke is the gateway to one of the great savannas of Indonesia. This is where we begin to understand that Australia is not just merely a close neighbor but a long lost brother. The similarities are astounding from the landscape to the animals that call this area home and Wasur National Park is this spectacular[…]

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Jesus Christ monument, the icon of Merauke

Explore The Cultural Of Merauke

At each break of day, Merauke is the first town in the Indonesian Archipelago that catches the first rays of the rising tropical sun. As the capital city of the Merauke Regency in the province of Papua, Merauke is renowned as the most easterly territory in Indonesia; one that marks the eastern end of this vast span of the Indonesian Archipelago that is commonly measured from the town of Sabang on Weh Island, in the Aceh Province at[…]

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Wasur National Park, Merauke

The Amazing Wasur National Park

Situated at the most eastern end of Indonesia, directly bordering Papua New Guinea, the Wasur National Park forms part of the largest wetland in the province of Papua and is recognized as the least disturbed by human activity. Playing host to a large number of flora and fauna, the natural park is dubbed “The Serengeti of Papua”[…]

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